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Let’s Hear It For the Lizzies!

Some other stuff actually happened this past week besides Queen of Babble Gets Hitched coming out. And it all involved people with the name Liz.

On June 24, Liz Phair celebrated the 15th anniversary of her fantastic album Exile in Guyville by releasing a brand new remastered version of it (yes! You can finally buy it on iTunes!) with four new bonus tracks….

This is the theme album of my life. If you don’t think of the guy you’re crushing on the way Liz thinks of the guy in “Flower,” I guarantee he’s not the right guy for you. Think of it as the “Flower” test. I ended up marrying my Flower, and we’re still going strong fifteen years in, so the Flower test works.

(FYI, Exile in Guyville is explicit—some have said offensive, although they’re just threatened by female sexuality. If your parents will be mad at me for recommending this album, please play it while wearing earbuds, the way I do in airports so no one will know what I’m smiling about.)

The second amazing thing that happened on June 24 involved yet another Liz…are you sensing a pattern? Lizzie Nichols? Liz Phair?…and now Lizzie Skurnick–who writes my favorite column on Jezebel, Fine Lines, the retro-YA book review that appears every Friday afternoon–has gotten a book deal with none other than my adult editor and publisher, Carrie Feron at HarperCollins! Read all about it here. I can’t wait to read the book next summer when it comes out!

Will the awesomeness of people named Liz never stop? Because we still have Liz Sherman from Hellboy 2 to look forward to on July 11. I am so going to be at the Regal Cinema in Key West, my feet sticking to the gummy floor, for this one.

Meanwhile, over in the land ruled by Queen ELIZabeth, where I’m going (amongst other places…more on that in a later entry) for a book tour this fall, which will include the the Bath Children’s Literature Festival, someone is sponsoring this event called the Queen of Teen. I don’t quite understand what it is, being a foreigner and all, but I do know they’re asking girls ages 10-18 to nominate female authors for it. The girls who write the best 200 word nomination essay get to attend this grand event along with the author they nominated (so long as they are already in the UK at that time…sorry, airfare to the UK is not included in the prize).

So if you know of a girl aged 10-18 who will be in the UK on or around September 18, who would like to ride in a limo to a fancy dinner with me, here is the link to the form she can fill out to make that happen.

You can go here to read more about the event if you have questions, though I should warn you, many of your questions will go unanswered, as have mine, such as…What if James Patterson gets nominated for England’s first ever Queen of Teen event? Can HE be the Queen of Teen? What if the Queen of Teen is discovered to have posed for nude photos in her past, a la Vanessa Hudgens? Will her title be stripped like it was for another Vanessa? What if the Queen of Teen is incapacitated and can no longer perform her duties as Queen of Teen? Will her crown be passed on to the Queen of Middle Grade Books? Will JK Rowling be there, even though technically she is the Queen of Everything? And so on.

Hopefully answers to these questions will be posted soon, as they are distracting me from my book writing and forcing me to watch Animal Cops: Detroit over and over.

If you go to my UK site, www.megcabot.co.uk, you’ll find a new section called Meg’s Soap Box, which features all new, never before seen videos of me giving advice to the lovelorn, and whatnot. And under Fun Stuff, check out a video of the Most Embarrassing things that have happened to some of my UK readers! Their British accents are so cute! They say “knickers”! I am going there all the time now so I can practice for my trip in the fall.

I promised an excerpt to Avalon High, Coronation: Homecoming would be posted soon, and I wasn’t lying. It’s up now! Just click here (sorry it takes so long to load. It’s a big pdf).

And finally, to celebrate a week of Lizzies, here’s a link to a vintage Liz Phair video. Careful, they didn’t bleep out the bad words!

But when bad words come from Liz P, they’re poetry. Unlike when they come from me, like they did just now when I hit my knee against my computer. Then they’re just another example of my tendency to babble, like another Liz we all know.

More later.

Much love,