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Elves ‘n Manolos

I spent the weekend fielding phone calls and emails from friends who were surprised to find a review of one of my books in their local paper (the New York Times). You can read the review here.

I actually knew in advance there was going to be a review of Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls: Moving Day in the Sunday Times book review section, but I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t know until right before it came out what the review was going to say. Basically I was having a prolonged nervy b (thanks for that expression, Louise Rennison) over it.

Fortunately, I think Allie escaped unscathed. I’d like to give a big thank you to the review’s author, Lauren Mechling. Sadly I do not write sequels in my sleep or I’d have finished the one I’m currently writing a long time ago.

I do sometimes wish elves would come and write my books for me while I slept, the way they made shoes for that one guy in the Grimms fairy tale, so when I woke up all my work would be done. That would give me a lot more time to watch “America’s Next Top Model” and the 100th episode of “Made” and finally get around to watching “The Wire,” which everyone says is so good, and all.

But alas, this has never happened, even though I turn on my laptop eagerly each morning, hoping against hope to find my book done. I’ve finally added elves to my list of things I don’t believe in anymore, along with natural looking highlights and Manolo Blahniks that are actually comfortable, despite what Sarah Jessica Parker is always insisting.

I do not believe you anymore, Sarah Jessica! Those shoes cannot possibly be comfortable!

I also spent the weekend recovering from my first endoscopy, which, in case you’ve missed out on one of these, is when you go to the hospital and a gastroenterologist sticks a long tube down your throat, and looks around your GI tract with a camera (but you are unconscious so you don’t feel it). I had a Demerol drip (which I highly recommend) the whole time!

I had a whole lot of episodes of Intervention recorded to watch when I got home from the hospital because I thought it would be fun to watch a show about drug addicts while I was actually on drugs. He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog said I kept going, “I hafta get home…to watch… Intention…right now!” while I was in the recovery room.

But when I actually got home, I just passed out. For the whole rest of the day (and night), all I did was sleep. What a waste!

While recovering from my weekend in the valley of the dolls, I saw on the news that humans aren’t the only ones suffering in the Midwestern flooding.

Rescuers are doing all they can to help four legged victims, too. Check out this slideshow showing some of the pets being rescued (and reunited with their human families) and then click here to see how you can help, too (and find out how you can help their owners here)!

Don’t forget–always have your pet Evac-Packs and supplies ready just in case of an emergency or natural disaster! When Gem and Henrietta see their Evac-Packs come out during hurricane season, they both run in the other direction. Maybe it’s the mini football helmets from Dairy Queen we make them wear. But they’re for their own protection (kidding…about the helmets, not the packs).

Finally, I’m on my way to Memphis tomorrow! Look for me Thursday on WREG-TV Channel 3 (CBS) “Live at 9” (in the morning) and don’t worry, if you didn’t get tickets to the Hilton luncheon event, later on that day at 4PM at Davis-Kidd booksellers, there’s ANOTHER fashion show and book signing! Click here for more info, or go here!

So please meet me there if you can! I’m going to be fully recovered and will maybe even spill some secrets about the sequel to Airhead (which I am writing now, sadly not in my sleep and with no help from those crappy noshow elves) AND Princess Diaries 10.

Hope to see you there!

More later.

Much love,


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