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Airhead Release Day

It’s finally here! Airhead is officially in U.S. stores everywhere TODAY!

The day their book is finally released in stores is always a special day for authors. We celebrate in various ways.

Some authors send themselves flowers (if their mom fails to do so first).

Some authors choose to pop open a bottle of champagne (and usually drink the whole thing themselves while huddled in a dark closet, muttering, “If only I’d put a comma in that third paragraph on page 105…If only….Why didn’t I? I’m such a loser!”).

Others spend the whole day glued to their computer screen, checking their book’s rank on Amazon over and over, only to end up buying 20 copies of it themselves just to see the little number thingie go up a few points.

But Book Release Day doesn’t have to be a day of self-rebuke and recrimination! I am determined to make mine a day of joy and celebration.

And to do so, I’m going to give away 30 of these splendiferous Airhead T-shirts….

Yes! They’re American Apparel women’s size M (but they’re stretchy, I promise) with the word Airhead written in metallic gold script across the front (nothing on back) and www.megcabot.com written in tiny gold letters on the bottom right side.

How can YOU win one of these T-shirts? I’ll tell you after these important announcements:

Join me tomorrow, Wednesday, May 14, at 4PM EST at www.gaiaonline.com for a two hour (or possibly more) author chat as well as a virtual fashion show (where participants can read downloadable sample chapters from Airhead and win Airhead virtual prizes for their avatars)!

My Gaia avatar. Doesn’t she look just like me? Look, she’s even holding a little copy of Airhead! Gaians, you can win the dress my avatar is wearing Update from Gaia: Actually, what you can win is a camera, not the dress–sorry for the confusion!–as well as the copy of Airhead, if you attend the chat and work it on the catwalk at the fashion show! Your fellow Gaians will be the judge of your avatar’s performance!

Wait…there’s more:

CosmoGIRL! Online Book Club is featuring Airhead as their May pick! Read their review; an exclusive interview with me; deleted scenes from the book NEVER published anywhere else (for good reason); a special “Airhead” recipe to prepare during your book club meeting; all conveniently located here!

And here are a couple other online reviews of Airhead, courtesy of the Compulsive Reader and Em’s Bookshelf. Thanks, you guys!

And now:

How to win your American Apparel Airhead t-shirt:

Just send me an email (meg@megcabot.com) with the words Airhead Tee in the subject line, telling me who you’d want to swap lives with, if you could swap lives with anyone.

Be sure to include your name, age, and HOME MAILING ADDRESS in the text, so if you win I can mail you your prize (once again: I cannot mail prizes to email addresses). If you’ve won, you’ll be notified. This contest ends at midnight on Wednesday night (the morning of Thursday May 15).

Some hints on how to win: Do NOT say you want to swap lives with me. You will not win if you do this. I’m looking for ideas for who I can swap lives with. So if you say people like Kimora Lee Simmons or Lauren Conrad, you will not automatically win, because I already said them here, so if you choose them I’m going to think you’re super uncreative.

But you will come VERY VERY CLOSE to winning if you pick glamorous rich hot business women and/or royalty or movie stars.

If you say someone like Mother Theresa, you will DEFINITELY NOT win because #1, she’s dead, and #2, even though she was super giving and kind, according to the papers found after her death, she wasn’t too happy with her life. So you better have some good arguments about why I would want to live her life.

Um, hello? I want to swap lives with someone who LOVES their life, don’t you? And has a house in Malibu or at least somewhere equally nice.

Got it? Good. Go.

Lastly, here’s a little something I thought you might enjoy: Em and Nikki, duking it out:

More later,

Much love.


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