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Airhead Sneak Peek/The Pee Jug/More Free Books

There’s a sneak peek to the first two chapters of my May release, Airhead, up now! Click here to see it (this link is guaranteed a pop-up so you won’t have to worry about getting back to this page) (Yes, I’m still very proud of myself for learning how to do this)!

And be sure to check out the new links on my homepage—The Meg Cabot YouTube Channel (now newly purple) and the new Airhead Flash. Empty your cache if you don’t see them (I had to).

And thank you all SO MUCH for the outpouring of support for the celiac thing. I had no idea there were so many people who a) have celiac disease or b) know or are related to someone who does! You guys are the best.

I actually feel a bit guilty about it, because when I said I was feeling “crappy,” I didn’t mean it literally. I don’t have any of the bathroom-related celiac symptoms, or any celiac-related symptoms at all. My hyperthyroid is just keeping me from sleeping, so I’m tired all the time…..

And of course, when you’re tired, what do you want to eat (at least if you have no self-control, like me….)?


But they are now verboten to me (although as hundreds of you have told me, I know I can buy some wheat flour-less cake mix here and make my own). But in the meantime, I’m all over THIS instead:

Vanilla Swiss Almond Haagen Daz….Mmmmmm!

My real problem at the moment is that my doctor wants me to spend a day peeing into this:

(Barbies are for scale)

I am not even joking. He wants me to put it in the refrigerator between pees (next to the Haagen Daz? Oh, wait, that’s in the freezer, thank God….)

I’m sorry, but that is just not going to happen. For one thing, before I spend the day peeing into it, I am supposed to give up tomatoes, eggplants, avocadoes, and nuts for eight days. Those first three things are no problem, but nuts? Hello, does he not know about the Vanilla Swiss Almond?

And okay he says there is a lot of valuable information he can get from my pee…but enough to stop the zombie apocalypse? I don’t think so.

Let’s just be real for a second here. No Haagen Daz? For eight days?

No. Just no.

Anyway, regarding things NOT taking place on the Planet Never Gonna Happen, in case you didn’t know, today is Teen Lit Day, and over at Readergirlz, they’ve organized an incredible event called Rock the Drop, getting publishers to donate over 10,000 books to pediatric hospitals. Visit Readergirlz for more info!
And join the online two-hour Post-Drop book Myspace party today from 6-8pm Pacific/9-11pm Eastern (the chat will be in a thread titled “TBD Post Op Party”). The Readergirlz divas will be giving away books and prizes, and chatting with teens and authors from around the world. They’ve invited so many authors and girlz, you just never know who you might end up cyber meeting!

Meanwhile, there are even MORE free books (by me) being given away by none other than ellegirl.com…click here for more information (and to read a funny interview with me).

And even MORE copies of books by me are being given away by the Compulsive Reader, here!

And click here for another funny interview I did at The Page Flipper!

Reviews of Airhead are starting to crop up, and rather than post them all at once I thought I’d sprinkle them through-out my blog entries over the next few weeks…so here’s one by TeenBookReview, and here’s another by The Story Siren (all reviews posted here guaranteed spoiler free)! Thanks, TeenBookReview and Story Siren!

I’m hard at work right now revising Princess Diaries 10, Forever Princess, so no more updates until I’m done!

I really mean it.

I’m totally serious.

Until I think of something else to do with the Pee Jug.

More later.

Much love,