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You Can Never Go Too Far

I’m on Jezebel!

I never thought it would happen, but I’m on one of my favorite fashion/gossip/feminism (and also, on Fridays, YA lit) sites, Jezebel.

I guess I’m not the only one feeling a lot of John Hughes nostalgia these days.

The fuss is all about this:

Although truthfully my favorite John Hughes movie was Some Kind of Wonderful. Why do you think my main character’s last name in my upcoming May release, Airhead, is Em “You break his heart, I break your face” Watts?

(I would like to mention that no dolls were harmed in the filming of this video, and that after filming, all dolls–many were auditioned. Strawberry Shortcake and GI Joe did not make the cut–were donated to the local Salvation Army thrift shop, where I hope they were adopted by children who will love them.)

Anyway, I had a fantastic time at both my events in Minnesota this week. The signing at the Ridgedale Library could not have gone better—thanks to everyone there for planning such a special event…and to everyone who attended. I do feel like I owe an apology for the “baldie” remark…I actually think bald men are really sexy. Case in point, Bruce Willis:

Hot stuff! It’s actually hard to find a picture of Bruce on the Internet in which he is not covered in fake blood, just FYI.

I feel like I also owe a special thank you for the huge show of support from the librarians at the PLA event, especially when I let them in on my little secret—the true plot of Airhead.

You see, I normally don’t share the plots of my books in advance with my husband, because 46 year old men aren’t necessarily my target demographic.

But for some reason I did tell He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog what’s really going on in Airhead (hint: it is not “magic” as a lot of people seem to believe).

And when I did, he just shook his head and said, “Meg Cabot, this time you’ve gone too far.”


Image of a star going supernova, ejecting most of its mass, which if you ask me is really going too far.

This is really not what you want to hear when you’re in the tender planning stage of a book. This is not what you want to hear at all! In fact if I recall correctly, I didn’t speak to him for about five whole hours after that.

But when I told the librarians at the PLA event this story, and what the plot of Airhead really is (right: Your local librarian might just know the truth that no one else does–except of those of you who won ARCs…and, I’m sorry, but those of you who won, you’re just going to receive copies in the mail, there will be no advance warning!), the response was nothing but laughter and applause.

This is just more evidence that sometimes you’re better off not discussing your work-in-progress with those you love most dearly. I truly believe opposites DO attract, and that for a romantic relationship to last, sometimes it’s better to lead semi-separate lives. Otherwise, things can get too same-old/same-old, and the spark dies. Sure, you have to have SOME things in common. But not EVERYTHING.

Case in point: He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog would not be caught dead discussing the finer points of Britney Spears’s mental health with me (a subject I hold very dear to my heart). Just like I would not be caught dead discussing who should be the next coach of the Indiana University basketball team. This type of conversation causes my eyes to glaze over and my fingers to stray towards the remote control.

–Speaking of which…Jericho! Cancelled! But hopefully some other network (SciFi…hello?) will pick it up.

R.I.P., Jericho

He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog does not watch Jericho. But then, I do not watch his favorite show, How I Met Your Mother. But since Britney was on it this week, I’m going to sneak a peek at his DVR list.

But since we’re coming up on our 15 year wedding anniversary on Tuesday, April 1, we’re apparently doing something right.

And he recently conceded, after having watched the above video featuring Raspberry Torte and myself, that perhaps it isn’t possible to go too far, after all, in the name of art…Long Duk Dong not withstanding.

More later.

Much love,