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I could not be more bummed about Patrick Swayze and his cancer. However, at least according to his publicist, he may be around a bit longer than the National Enquirer would have us believe.

In other Hollywood-related news, thanks to all your hard work, Friday Night Lights is saved (Eonline quotes the network higher ups as saying the deal is still only tentative, but it sounds done to me). Thanks to author Leslie Margolies for the head’s up. I was too busy being shocked about Patrick to notice. Nobody puts Swayze in the corner!

Anyway, have you all been watching Jericho, the last show we saved? Well, if you haven’t been, you can catch up with the episodes you missed here.

I’m very worried about my favorite character, the IRS agent, Mimi. Her whole family is gone! She can’t report back to her bosses! But she still can—and has, multiple times–save Stanley’s farm, which she was originally sent to Jericho to repossess. Then, the world blew up. Now, she has to live there (but she wants to, because let’s face it, Stanley’s hot). But now

SPOILER–Scroll down to END OF SPOILER if you don’t want to know:
DB Sweeney wants Mimi dead? He shot her (but as of the end of the episode, she was still alive)! But Bonnie, her deaf sister-in-law, is DEAD! But not before she took out like five guys with a shotgun! You sort of knew Bonnie was going to bite it (added later: I was really hoping she might become same-sex oriented, but then, this show isn’t as cool Buffy. What show is? None) because they had her listed as a “guest star” at the beginning of each episode.

Let’s take a moment now to remember Bonnie, the brave deaf girl:


You might notice I talk an awful lot about TV in this blog, and not so much about books, which might seem strange, since I’m a writer.

This is not because there is a paucity of good books out there. Just the opposite! It’s that usually I’m too caught up in my own written plot to risk getting tangled in someone else’s. With so many good writers out there, this is a very possible risk. I don’t know how other authors read other people’s books AND still write their own, frankly.

That’s why I usually read magazines instead. Not just beauty magazines, either (although there’s nothing wrong with that. Someday I will figure out how to plump my upper lip without injections. Not that I’ve stooped to this yet). Here is an incredible piece from the New Yorker by Geraldine Brooks that made me cry. It’s a true story about a book…but really it’s about family, and maybe a little bit about miracles.

But sometimes I do sneak in a book. Here’s a funny one I liked that’s out now. Check out the author’s blog.

And before I forget, how awesome was it of Jezebel to review The Long Secret, the Harriet The Spy sequel last week)? Oh, yes, there was a sequel to Harriet The Spy. I swear I thought I was the only one who read it.

Meanwhile, I do try to take time out to read my mail (at least the stuff that doesn’t say I HATE YOU in the subject line). I may not have time to answer it (though I am TRYING to catch up. Even if I am several years behind), but I do try to read it. I was horrified to learn from it recently that, after a parent complained about one of my Princess Diaries books, another parent discovered the school librarian dealing with the problem by throwing the entire book series in the trash (the other parent rescued it, thank goodness).

Seriously, a librarian, throwing books in the trash? What is this world coming to? Librarians are usually so awesome.

Added later: A reader just pointed out the irony of posting the Geraldine Brooks story, which is about an incredibly brave librarian, and the thing about the librarian who tried to throw my books away, in the same entry. Uh…that was intentional. That’s my story anyway, and I’m sticking to it.

Other readers have written in to ask how my suture granuloma and endometriosis are going. Well, they…suck. But thanks for asking!

But I guess the good part is, I’m going to have to start taking whole days off to deal with them, probably surgically. So I’ll have plenty of time in the coming months to start reading more!

This is just horrifying. Send it to everyone you know.

Have a good weekend!

More later.

Much love,