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Quick update: It’s official….There will be two more Heather Wells books!

No titles to announce yet for the new books. The books themselves won’t be out until next year.

The fourth one will take up soon after Big Boned (Size Doesn’t Matter in the UK) left off. It will probably take place over summer break and be about Tania Trace Rock Camp. The fifth one will be about Heather and Cooper’s you-know-what and take place the following fall.

In Allie Finkle news, check out this fun KidsReads review

…and there’s now a She Went All The Way sneak peek!

Meanwhile, over at Maureen Johnson’s and Justine Larbalestiers’s fantastic blogs, they’re talking about publishing, and also luck. To which I would like to add that I’ve always thought luck = 95% preparation + 5% opportunity (according to a SWAT team sharp shooter. But if you think about it, it applies as much to getting published as as it does to blowing off a hostage taker’s head).

I would also add, when luck strikes, take advantage of it by being professional. Don’t act like a prima donna. There are tons of other talented writers who aren’t in your place solely for the reason that their opportunity just hasn’t come along yet. But it will.

And yes, I know I made a big grammatical gaffe in my last blog entry. I make them every time I post (I did say I didn’t take any English classes in college, remember?). This blog isn’t copy edited–I write how I talk, and I’m a Hoosier! Here is another Meg Cabot-ism for you: “There is no instrument known to man small enough to measure how little I care.” I say this every time He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog starts telling me about Hoosier basketball, with which he is as obsessed as Sarah Dessen is with NC basketball this time of year (it’s sort of cute. I just hope IU and NC don’t have to play each other).

Meanwhile, in cool librarian news…YALSA has posted some awesome new categories for their 2009 Booklists and Awards, and now it’s easier than ever to find something for even the pickiest young readers in your life! (Plus, you can nominate your own!)

Speaking of which, Alanna! On Jezebel!


If there’s a picky young reader in your life, s/he is probably reading something called Warrior Cats. I had no idea what these books were until a kindly person explained that they’re about these rival tribes of cats. In my mind, the tribes all gather nightly in someone’s backyard to fight (please don’t correct me if I’m wrong because I so WANT the books to be about this).

I can just see Gem being all:

“The Two Legs are approaching. They possess the milk…I must gather my clan to attack to get the milk….”

I’ve decided Henrietta belongs to the Barf in the Bathroom in the Middle of the Night Clan. They are known for their beauty and digestive problems.

(Thanks to your informative emails, Gem is getting a little bit of cream in small doses since she has no such stomach troubles. Gem is in the Lurks in the Bushes Fearful of Rain Clan, known for being brave yet almost fatally dumb.)

Anyway, what I do know about this series is, if you go to YouTube, you can see many tribute videos kids have made to these books. Seriously, they make me practically pee myself with joy, they’re so great. I mean, they are made by kids, so how can they not be?

Homemade Warrior Cat Youtube videos are my anti-drug. Live long, Brambleclaw!

Also, check out this great article on the Women of Comedy from Vanity Fair….I love that we have so many hilarious comediennes to light up our TVs and big screens these days. I adore Amy Sedaris and Chelsea Handler (He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog asked me the other night if she was Daniel Handler’s wife. I said: “Yes. Yes, she is,” and he totally believed me. Lying to my spouse about celebrities is my other anti-drug) and Amy Poehler and Kristin Wiig and Maya Rudolph and Wanda Sykes and oh, just all those funny ladies.

I do miss Gilda Radner though. She taught us how to Talk Dirty To The Animals (this video clip not safe for work or children)!

Just don’t Talk Dirty to the WARRIOR CATS!!!

I leave you with this:

More later.

Much love,


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