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Airhead Contest

So, guess what? If you’d like a FREE, ADVANCED READER COPY of my new May release, AIRHEAD, all you have to do is email your name and home mailing address to thisispoint@scholastic.com, and you’ll be eligible to win!

It’s first come, first serve, but there are 200 copies to give away! Quite good odds, if you ask me.

Because it’s Point, Scholastic’s teen division, sending the ARCs out, not me, I really can’t tell you how long it’s going to take for you to receive your copy…or even if you’ll get a confirmation email telling you if you’ve won, or anything like that.

But is this a deal you really want to pass up? I mean, it’s free (an uncorrected proof, so there are mistakes in it and stuff…Sorry)! But if that still interests you, hurry up and enter!

Psst…if you are a LIBRARIAN, BOOKSELLER, or BOOK REVIEWER, and you’d like a copy of AIRHEAD, email your name and mailing address (and the address of your library, bookstore, newspaper, magazine, or the blog you own/at which you work) to Meg (meg@megcabot.com). Scholastic has reserved a limited number of copies for you. I know! Sneaky!

What is Airhead about? Well, I can’t really tell you without giving away the plot–and I’d love it if readers and reviewers who get sneak peeks could not ruin it for their friends/fellow readers as well! I can tell you it’s a mystery/sci-fi/romance/comi-drama.

I really hope both new and old Meg Cabot readers are going to enjoy it.

So I’m going to be a bit busy in the coming week and won’t have much time for blogging. I’m going to Minnesota for the 2008 Public Library Association Conference, where I’ll be speaking (and signing books) at the preconference lunch on Tuesday. I hope people will stop by and say hi, or I’ll feel pretty lonely!

Then Tuesday night I’ll be speaking and signing at the Hennepin County Library in Minnetonka. Click on the links for more information. Hope to see you there!

(Yes, I’m having a clothing crisis. I am currently wearing shorts and flip flops. I am not mentally prepared at the moment for coats and closed-toe shoes. But hopefully I will be by Monday when my flight leaves.)

Honestly I have to start packing (not to mention working on Airhead 2–and no that isn’t the title), but I did want to thank Iriel for the fan art of Princess Mia:

I absolutely adore it.

I’m torn about which I want as my screensaver, the one above or this portrait from the divorce proceedings of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, where she dumps the glass of water over Sir Paul’s lawyer’s head:

This one does have a certain piquant style to it. I think it would look very nice in my bathroom.

But I think overall I prefer the one of Mia. I do get a bit tired of people confusing my heroine’s name, Heather Wells, with that of Paul’s ex, Heather Mills, which seems to happen a LOT. One, as reported by Trashionista’s Helen Redfern, is likable and fun. The other is…well, a bit rude!

Anyway, I’ve spent this past week writing about one of MY favorite heroines (by someone else)–Gilly Ramsey, the heroine of Thornyhold, by the author Mary Stewart.

In case you don’t know, Mary Stewart is one of my favorite romantic suspense writers. Actually one of my favorite writers, period. Her books are so compulsively readable!

So you can imagine what I said when the publisher who is reprinting her books in these beautiful trade editions asked me to write a foreword to her witchiest book, Thornyhold.


But then I realized Mary Stewart herself is probably going to read my foreword. So I had to make it really good. Not like I wasn’t going to do a good job on it before, but…it had to be really, really good. I got so nervous. I’m FREAKING! I worked on it for days.

Anyway, I just turned it in. Now I have to wait to see what they (meaning the publisher, and who knows, maybe even Mary Stewart) says.

I basically want to barf.

I could really, really use a Spring Break now. Which I guess I’m sort of getting. In Minnesota!

See you there (hopefully).

More later.

Much love,


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