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Super Fat Tuesday

Today is like the craziest Tuesday in all of history or something. It’s Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras in New Orleans) and Super Tuesday (tons of people in the US are voting in a super important election) and….

…also the day of the huge ticker tape parade in New York City for the Superbowl winners!

I normally don’t pay attention to sports but I couldn’t help it this year because the quarterbacks of both teams in the Superbowl were so cute!

There was Eli Manning, of the New York Giants, who lives in Hoboken with his girlfriend Abby.

And then there was Tom Brady, of the New England Patriots, who lives in SoHo with his girlfriend Gisele–

How could I choose????

Tom Brady and Eli Manning. Hot or Not?

Of course in the end I had to root for the Giants because I lived in New York for so long, and the Giants were the underdogs. And Eli Manning’s brother made this hilarious video for SNL.

I even went to a Superbowl party! But I had to leave halfway through because my suture granuloma was bothering me. If you don’t know what a suture granuloma is, welcome to the club! It turns out to be a not uncommon side effect when you have surgery, where your body refuses to absorb an internal stitch. So you just have this annoying hard lump that won’t go away (in my case, right where my leg bends, making it hard to sit for long periods of time. So writing a novel? Super FUN!). There’s nothing you can do about it but take Motrin and wear these attractive things:

Anyway, I missed most of Masterpiece’s production of Miss Austen Regrets Sunday night, but I did tune in just in time to see a chicken get its head cut off and Jane clutch her stomach in agony (these had nothing to do with one another), so I’m not sure it was something someone with a suture granuloma should have watched anyway.

Oh…oh no….oops—uncontrollable quarterback flashback–must post photo…cannot resist….

Hi, Tom! Hi, Eli!

Okay, sorry, I promise I will never mention football again on this blog, except for Friday Night Lights.

Anyway, about the voting today, we Floridians already voted, but for those of you haven’t yet, I found this cool website where you can scroll way down and click on an issue and it tells you (VERY briefly) how all the candidates stand on them.

Or, for people who STILL can’t decide, here is a short quiz. You might be surprised—like I was—to find out who it says you should vote for!

Finally, appropriately since it’s FAT Tuesday, I’ve been BURSTING to tell you some PHAT news: The Heather Wells series has been optioned for a TV series by ABC Family!

So maybe we’ll get to see Heather on TV!


More later.

Much love,