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Slap Happy

Good grief! Never have I written so much so furiously! I am totally exhausted from all this writing.

I have forsaken everything in my personal and business life in pursuit of The End. I even forgot to pay attention Henrietta (it’s okay, she has Whiskas Temptations, her new obsession, which I keep throwing at her to make her go away. They only distract her for a little while though, then she’s back, all, “Pet me! Pet me!”).

But that’s how distracted I’ve been! By the goings on in Princess Diaries 10! Which are at Rom-Con Level 1 (equivalent of Def-Con Level 1, threat of imminent nuclear attack, as you will recall from the movie Wargames).

Rom-Con Level 1! Someone get Ally Sheedy, STAT!

So a lot of you have been asking about the Advanced Reader Copy contest for “Queen of Babble Gets Hitched” and “Airhead.”

We are totally having that. I just have to finish PD10, then spend a little quality time with my husband and cat (and do a lot of interviews for Allie Finkle) before I can launch into another activity where I sit in front the computer for long periods of time, reading contest entries (plus I had to order a new computer. This one is now being held together with tape. I am not even kidding. Ask Steve, aka Joe, at MacSolutions).

And anyway, I am busy being one of the judges of Maureen Johnson’s zombie contest at the moment, so I am quite judged out at present.

In news from Meg Cabot Land—we’ve finally updated the FAQ page so it actually reflects current news. Hopefully most of the FAQs are answered now. Somewhat.

And I’ve added a couple of appearances to the Tour Page. More appearance dates/locales to come as I get the details, I promise! I really am going to leave my house more this year.

And here’s an interview I did with the Ya Ya Yas, a superior website that’s run by three wise and wonderful YA librarians. Lovers of fun books everywhere should visit this site (as well as Trashionista) daily.

And I hope all of you have been keeping up with Jezebel’s reviews of old school YA books every Friday (mind you, the reviews are of YA books but they are not written FOR kids. They are written for grown ups about YAs we loved AS kids, and the reviews themselves are rated PG for adult language and content).

I looooove The Witch of Blackbird Pond, it really is one of my all time faves. So romantic! If you haven’t read it, GET IT! (Ew, I see here they’re making kids read it in school now. UGH! That changes everything. Well, whatever, it’s still HOT.)

Ooooh, speaking of which–Tim Riggins news! Xmen loves Tim. But have you done your part lately to keep Tim’s TV show on the air?

Finally…okay, have you noticed that that guy from Dresden Files is in that new show Lipstick Jungle? Quite often, he has no shirt on.

I just had to get that off my chest. Ha, chest! Get it?

Okay, I know. I’m going to go pet my cat now, then FINISH THAT BOOK!!!!

More later.

Much love,