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Popping in for a moment from my blog-caytion to say:

Don’t forget I’ll be chatting about Princess Diaries 9, Princess Mia, with anyone who shows up this Sunday at 2PM EST here. The chatroom only holds 50, so show up on time or you might find yourself shivering in the cold, unable to get in, like the Little Match Girl.

Just to get one of the questions I know I’ll be asked out of the way now: Yes! Michael is in Forever Princess, the tenth and final Princess Diaries book.

Briefly, in other news:

–I may not have been blogging here during my blog-caytion, but I’ve been busy as heck blogging elsewhere. Check out my guest blog at Trashionista, one of my favorite book sites.

–At PBS.org you can rate the Jane Austen heroes. Seriously, how dishy is that? (Although I hardly think it’s fair since we haven’t seen all the candidates in action yet. I was a bit disappointed in Persuasion, which I thought was quite good up until the end, which I found rushed. Thanks though to my mom for pointing the site out to me.)

Mr. Persuasion. Hot or Not?

–This week I was called upon to look after a family member while he underwent a necessary but routine surgical procedure in another city. This was fantastically exciting to me (at first), because while I worked for ten years as the assistant manager in a New York University residence hall and once carried a severed finger on ice to St. Vincents Hospital to be reattached to a student who’d lost it in a freak moving accident, no one in my own family has ever trusted me to be responsible for them while recovering from anesthesia.

But I finally got my revenge this week.

However, this turned out to be not as exciting as it sounded. For one thing, this person (who asked not to be identified here) had his surgery scheduled at six in the morning…which meant I had to get up at FIVE.

Doctors, why must you schedule operations so early? Is this so you can play golf later? I strongly suspect so.

This also meant I had to stay several nights in a hotel while this person recovered, and that turned out not to be so fun because staying in a hotel with someone who doesn’t feel so well? Way overrated.

Anyway, the morning of his surgery, I was up so early room service hadn’t started yet, so I couldn’t get breakfast (I know it’s not about me, but I was soooo hungry), so after the surgery started, I began prowling around the hospital, looking for food, along with all these other family members of people who were there and hungry as well. I swear we reminded me of the “The Goonie” gang or something, looking for treasure. Only we were all old and looking for caffeine.

I’m hungry. My knees hurt. Are there trans-fats in that?

In the end, we finally found this bagel cart and we fell upon it ravenously, and we all ate together and shared our life stories. It was just like The Breakfast Club. We even got yelled at by some hospital administrators for sitting in the wrong place!

The whole thing made me think it would make an excellent screenplay. You know, about the family members of people getting a routine medical procedure, looking for food in a mostly unopened hospital and bonding, then in the end, picking up their groggy family members, then going their own ways, and never seeing one another again.

Only I don’t want to write it, so could one of you please do it? Thanks!

(Neil Gaiman has a nice post in his blog about how writers hate it when people come up to them and say, “I have an idea for a book.…” He’s right, and I’m sorry. I’ll write my hospital idea myself. When I get the time. Which will be never.)

Anyway, while this was all happening, I actually saw someone reading one of my books in public, for the first time ever. The book was Boy Meets Girl.

I would like to say that I took the whole thing in stride, and was all, “So? No big whoop.”

But the truth is, I did walk past her like ten times to see if she’d look up and notice me from the picture on the back of the book, and go, “Oh, didn’t you write this?”

But she totally didn’t.

It serves me right, I guess, for being so crabby about getting up at five.

Now I’m home, and everyone and everything is fine. Except that I’m more behind on my work than ever because I played Florence Nightingale for a week. So the blog-caytion continues!

See you at the chat on Sunday, I hope….

More later.

Much love,