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OK, while I was recuperating from getting my ovary and twenty years of endometriosis yanked, I got really behind with work (which I was kind of behind with before).

So now I’m REALLY behind.

So I need to buckle down and focus–

–even though I’d love to chat with you instead about how I’ve developed this huge lump under one of my incisions, and it really hurts, and did any of you ever get this, and how long did it take yours to go away, etc.

Instead, I’m doing something unprecedented in my many years of keeping this diary, and taking a blog-caytion until I catch up with things. Maybe I’ll check in once in a while if I get the chance, but really…I’ve got to get some work done!

Blog-Caytion, All I Ever Wanted, Blog-Caytion Had to Get Away

Meanwhile, I know some of you are freaking out about why there will be a twenty-one month leap gap in Mia’s journaling (Princess Mia ends in September of her junior year, and Forever Princess starts up again in April of her Senior year).

But just because Mia wasn’t journaling all that time doesn’t mean she wasn’t writing, and also doesn’t mean you won’t get to read what she was writing. She was, and you will. It will be available, most likely online at megcabot.com, and for free, when Forever Princess comes out. Wait and see.

Oh, and thanks for keeping Princess Mia on the bestseller lists!

–And thanks, too, to the many fantastic librarians who’ve made the Meg Cabot Journaling Campaign such a success!

Almost a hundred and fifty libraries nationwide have embraced this program, encouraging tweens and teens to return to journaling the old-fashioned way, as opposed to online (and so avoid the pitfalls of putting too much information out onto the Internet, for anyone to see…not too mention, the repercussions from others being able to read your intimate thoughts)!

Here’s a fun photo of a display an LA-based library made from the Meg Cabot-themed bookmarks my publisher supplied for the event!

–People keep asking what I’m reading now—besides Seeing Me Naked, of course.

Well, it’s this: Mortified, Love Is A Battlefield, a collection of real life teen reflections on unrequited crushes, baffling first dates, and assorted other romantic catastrophes.

You might remember Sascha Rothchild who read so hilariously from her own teen diary (and piece in the original Mortified), on Showtime’s This American Life. Sascha’s entry, amongst many others, made me wet my pants, I laughed so much. Well, this book is from the same people (but it’s a collection of all new, love-themed teen entries).

Special note: Again, no one pays me to say I like the stuff I say I like in my blog. I am telling you I like this stuff because I like it, and I think maybe you’ll like it, too, and I like to share. I think talking about products and movies and TV shows and books I like is more fun than hating on the ones I don’t like, like they do on other sites–especially when it comes to books, because the chances are, I may end up sitting next to the author of the book I just ripped apart at a dinner some day, and that would be aWkwArd. So chill out. I don’t get paid to endorse things on this site. Special note over.

–Okay, this Sunday is the beginning of what Masterpiece Theater is calling The Complete Jane Austen:

They’re showing dramatic retellings of ALL the Jane Austen books, including the best one ever, the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice. Click on the clip below to see why this is such a good thing:

Did you know women went to the emergency room with heart palpitations the first time they aired that scene on TV (not to mention, the famous “jump in the pond” scene?)

There may be a writer’s strike, but at least we know we’re set for Sundays for the foreseeable future.

–And don’t forget, 1/18/08—CLOVERFIELD!

Oh, how I wish we could all go to a theater together to see this (so long as it has a happy ending)! It looks so scary, in a good way. We could all sit together with our giant popcorns and Milk Duds and scream and yell at the screen. So much fun! Please go for me, and have a blast.

–And cute as can be Maria Bamford has new episodes of her show up!

I hope they aren’t the last! Blossom! How we’ll miss you!

Finally…I know it won’t be in theaters until April, but when I sit with my heating pad on my belly, I’m so happy, knowing I have something, at least, to look forward to (after The Complete Jane Austen is over):

What would Neil Patrick Harris do?

Remember, there’s an online chat January 20th right here on megcabot.com!

Try not to get banned while I’m gone….

More later.

Much love,


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