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Bad Boys

There are only four days left in the Princess Diaries 9 T-shirt design contest, and I must say, the competition is getting fierce!

As a judge, I am already sick with indecision. Some of the entries are so good! If you’re planning on entering, better do it soon….

Anyway, how many of you saw Mansfield Park on PBS last night? I liked this dramatic version a lot. Fanny Price, Popular with the Bad Boys! In fact the only thing I didn’t like about it was that at the end, we didn’t get to see any pug puppies running around. That would have ruled.

Edmund Bertram. Hot or not?

A lot of you wrote in after my last post to let me know that you had, in fact, been asked out by the Tim Riggins of your town. While I am very happy for you, this made me feel a bit sorry for myself, as it just played into my already deep-seated insecurity over the fact that bad boys have always just avoided me like the plague.

Really, why is this? All the other female authors I know get tons of intimate letters from male prisoners (who apparently spend quite a bit of time reading, and then writing to the authors of what they’ve read–though none of the authors I know got into quite as bad a situation with a prisoner correspondent as Joyce Maynard), whereas I have gotten only three or four letters from prisoners in the whole of my writing career….

…and they were form letters asking me for autographed bookplates for them to sell on eBay, apparently a lucrative way to earn pocket money in prison. Who knew?

Clearly I–unlike Miss Fanny Price of Mansfield Park–never have and never will be popular with the bad boys.

Mr. Crawford. Hot or not?

I know, I know–I’m going to stop complaining, and just be happy. After all, maybe I’m the bad one now…I got banned, after all!

More later.

Much love,