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Pub Day!

Everyone always asks, what do authors do the day their new book comes out?

Most people think we spend the whole day getting shuttled around in limos from talkshow to talkshow. And that’s probably how Jessica Seinfeld did spend her pub day, in between eating yummy spinach and chickpea brownies.

But I prefer to take a more relaxing approach, usually just laying around, eating mini bags of M&Ms (the mini ones have less calories!) and watching Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane (will she buy that $15,000,000 home in Beverly Hills, or not?) marathons.

In that, pub day is eerily like any other day. Except on other days I might feel guilty about not getting any writing done. I love pub day!

Today, however, in addition to M&Ms and Kimora, I will also be guest blogging at the Avon Romance Blog and hanging around The Debutante Ball, all in honor of my new book Big Boned coming out.

So stop by and visit (oh, and pick up a copy of Big Boned if you get a chance)!

But don’t worry. I’ll also be downing multiple bags of mini M&Ms and checking in on Kimora in between, all while continuing to worry about my neck.

More later.

Much love,