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There’s a new feature on this site that you may not have noticed–Meg Cabot News. This is the first link under Cool Stuff (at the top of the Homepage), and will now be the quickest way for readers to find out what’s happening in Meg Cabot Land….

…as opposed to having to scroll through tons of stuff about Tori Spelling and Gossip Girls, the TV series in the diary/blog (not that Tori and Blair aren’t important, too).

To get all the information to put in Meg Cabot News–because I couldn’t remember it off the top of my head (and I’m sure I missed some stuff, so if any of you remember anything, be sure to let me know)–I had to scroll my blog for the past few months, which left me feeling pretty down, because I hate reading my own writing.

People always ask me if I like reading my own books, the answer to which is a resounding NO!!!!!! In fact, reading my own blog depressed me so much that all I could do this weekend was sit in bed and watch TV.

But I made the big mistake of watching the movies The Departed and Children of Men, which I missed last year when everyone else was watching them because everyone said they’d bummed me out. I should have listened! Don’t get me wrong, these are great movies. But not so great if you like super happy endings.

My depression was not helped by the fact that:

a) we had a ton of leftover Halloween candy (mini-bags of M&Ms), all of which I ate, and

b) it is NaNoWriMo, and I have written exactly four sentences of the novel I am working on this month, and

c) I’ve been doing quite a lot of press interviews for the release of Big Boned, and talking about myself always makes me feel weird. My friend Beth calls this “Cocktail Party Syndrome”, which is where you go to a party and end up making aimless chitchat for hours to total strangers, then go home and are like, “Wait—why did I say that? WHY WHY WHY?” and then eat all the leftover pasta in your fridge. Cold.

So to cure myself from Cocktail Party Syndrome, plus the horrible depression that reading my own blog and then watching The Departed and threw me into, I went to Maria Bamford’s site on SuperDeluxe and watched her new videos. My particular favorite was the one called FAITH, where she leaves prank calls from the Baby Jesus on her mom’s answering machine.

Oh, Maria Bamford! You rule. Because you are obviously more depressed than me, and yet you put your depression to good use. Which I am going to go do now….

…by prank calling people and pretending I’m the Baby Jesus. I have to go, I have a busy day ahead of me.

More later.

Much love,