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Hit refresh or empty cache on your computer if you haven’t noticed that the homepage here has gotten a little bit of a makeover thanks to Janey’s cute husband Pablo. Pretty spiffy, huh?

I’ve always wanted an author photo that showed the backs of my shoes (I know, weird), and now I have one! The inspiration for this photo was a picture I saw once of—I swear to God—Jane Pratt in Sassy Magazine.

I so regret giving my Sassy collection away to a needy teen! BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER (even though the teen probably needed them more than I did, since I was in my twenties at the time–still, you always need Sassy)!

Fortunately there’s a book out now for those of us who want to reminisce about How Sassy Changed My Life. And there are always copies of the real thing popping up on eBay!

That picture of Jane stayed in my mind all these years and now I have my own (different angle and wardrobe, though. Shoes and dress courtesy of Betsey Johnson, for those of you who asked. And Ali Smith was the awesome—“Oh! So pretty!”–photographer)!

Anyway, it’s kind of ironic that a week before my new mystery novel comes out in stores I’m on JURY DUTY.

I know, I can’t believe it either. There is nothing worse than being self-employed and getting called to jury duty. Being on jury duty when you work for someone else is fun because it’s like, “Wheeee, I’m not at work! I get to hear cool court cases, eat lunch out in a new neighborhood, and GET PAID FOR IT!”

But when you work for yourself, you can’t be all, “Ha, ha, self, I’m going to jury duty, I guess you’re going to have to get someone else to work for yourself while I’m gone, see ya!” to yourself.

I tried to defer but you can only defer so many times. Also, I have tried to sneak my laptop into the courthouse to work while the judge isn’t looking, and let me tell you, His Honor does NOT like this. Which I don’t think is fair. Like, if I’m not even ON a jury yet, why do I have to pay attention to what is going on? I could see having to pay attention to an actual case, but the voir dire of a case I haven’t even been picked for? Hello!

Also, it’s not like when Jessica Fletcher on Murder, She Wrote gets to do jury duty. I never get selected for murder cases, then get to help find the real killer with the jury in a madcap comedy of errors, because I am related to a cop and the defense NEVER wants the sister of a cop on the jury no matter how much I assure them that I am open-minded and could TOTALLY believe that there are crooked cops out there (hey, I saw The Departed) and that for sure I buy that the cops probably planted that bloody knife in the defendant’s hand when he was high on crystal meth and snuck into his transexual girlfriend’s apartment and stabbed her seventeen times because she wouldn’t give him back his American Apparel T-shirt. I mean, cops totally have nothing better to do.

Yeah. So far I’ve never gotten picked. I just have to sit there. DOING NOTHING. FOR TWO WEEKS.

Hey, but maybe I’ll come across a great plot for the fourth Heather Wells mystery!

Okay, probably not. But a girl can dream.

So, yeah. Making my page count for NaNoWriMo this month? Not going to happen.

But carry on without me, all of you. Just leave me. I’ll make it somehow….

Me ‘n Jessica, Solvin’ Murders in Cabot Cove

More later.

Much love,