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I hope everybody who celebrated Thanksgiving had a good one! Mine was mellow. I don’t want to brag, but there is a chance I might catch up to all you NaNoWriMo participants, if I write 5,000 words every single day until November 30.

The chances of this happening are approximately nil. But think of the great men and women who were told they would never achieve their goals, but succeeded anyway against astonishing odds:

— Joan of Arc, a poor peasant girl, leading the French army against the British. And yeah, okay, later she was captured and burned at the stake for heresy. But whatever. Now she’s a saint. And has her own video game!

— Helen Keller, blind and deaf, taught to communicate by Annie Sullivan, herself nearly blind, motherless, deserted by her father, and placed in the poorhouse with her brother, who later died as well.

— Matt Damon making People Magazine Sexiest Man of the Year.

To celebrate all of these people’s victories over the odds, here is another video blog by me. It’s a retelling of a classic piece of American literature the way I think it SHOULD have gone (special note: despite what many people seem to believe, this is NOT the way the original book actually goes):


More later.

Much love,


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