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Big Boned comes out in less than two weeks and the reviews are pouring in! Here’s a snippet of one from Booklist:

….Versatile and popular Cabot has written another clever and funny installment in her Heather Wells mystery series.

And here’s another snippet from a review which will be posted at this site on the book’s release date, November 20:

BIG BONED is a laugh-out-loud look at college life, romance, and murder. Crisp writing, memorable characters, and a slightly screwed-up college setting make for a perfect slapstick mystery. Readers won’t want to miss BIG BONED, a funny, endearing, and romantic story.


Meanwhile, remember when I was getting new author photos taken? Well, I finally got them back! Take a look:

Photo by Ali Smith

Do you notice something different about me in this photo? Something you don’t ordinarily notice about me? That’s right! I’m wearing a cool new bracelet my super artistic neighbor Nancy made (ha, you thought I was going to say something else, didn’t you? Well, don’t worry, there’s another less revealing photo for my kids’ books).

Nancy, who is multi-talented, has also been helping me answer all your snail mail. In fact, if you send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address here right now, Nancy will make sure you get all sorts of cool stuff back, including a newly updated flyer, bookmarks, postcards, and of course, an autographed bookplate (not shown here):

All this, for the cost of one self-addressed business-sized envelope and a 58 cent stamp! Send yours now!

And yes, I do read all your letters. Answering them all personally while also making all my deadlines is another story.

The Allie Finkle Advanced Reader Copy contest is over! If you did not receive an email informing you that an ARC is in the mail, then your entry did not win, sorry–although I wanted to give prizes to everyone, because all your entries rocked! Sadly, there were not enough ARCs to go around.

Some of you wrote to express interest in the WGA Writers’ strike and wanted to know if I were picketing here in Key West. As a member of the WGA, if there were any picket lines here, of course I’d be on them. I joined the WGA when I worked on Ice Princess and continue to pay dues, but I haven’t worked on any screenplays since because I really don’t like writing screenplays. So I don’t have any insider insights or information on the strike, but if you’re looking for some, I’d recommend going here.

Kelly on the picket lines! No, really! Link below!

Here is where your friends from The Office will explain EXACTLY why we’re striking (on video). Can you believe they didn’t get compensated for all those hilarious webisodes we so enjoyed this past summer???

The idea that seems to be going around that the average wage for screenwriters is $200,000 a year is far from the truth. $50,000/yr is more accurate. I would have liked to have gotten $200,000 for the 40 something drafts I wrote of Ice Princess, but I got closer to $50,000, and they ended up using almost no scenes of my story of a tomboy hockey player who lives with her widower hockey coach dad and hockey playing brothers, as you will note if you saw the film (they kept my title though).

Note: Not a movie about a hockey player turned figure skater

Occasionally I get checks for like eleven dollars from the DVD sales of this movie.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, even though this strike is totally keeping the movie versions of Mediator and Queen of Babble and Avalon High and How to Be Popular from being made, I support it.

In other news, Giada de Laurentiis, my favorite Food Network chef, is pregnant! She has to be the person on Food Network most often rumored to be pregnant only to turn out not to be, but she really is this time. Now we know when she wears those empire waisted blousy tops it’s not because she was sampling too much of her own cooking. Yay Giada (remember, not having kids is OK, too. Being an aunt is also really cool. And yes, Maddie, you’re right, I think you SHOULD get a pony for your birthday, and yes, it IS the daddy’s job to clean up poop)!

Aunt Meg. Photo by Ali Smith

OK, I have to get back to work now because eleven dollars is really not enough to pay my mortgage. Bye!

More later.

Much love,