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I have so much to blog about, I guess I better get straight to it. Drum roll please….

Thanks to all of you, Big Boned debuted at #23 on the New York Times Bestseller List (adult)!

You guys rock! Seriously, I am stunned. If that isn’t inspiration enough to write a fourth book, I don’t know what is (I won’t lie, I was going to do a fourth Heather Wells book anyway).

First of course I have to finish up all the books I currently have due. And with one day left in the month of November, it’s clear to me I’m not going to make the NaNoWriMo deadline. I think it was all those holiday shopping catalogs arriving at the same time. How can these boots be sold out in my size?

Or maybe it was all those fabulous writers’ strike videos. Anyway, I am still 30,000 words away from my goal. Sigh.

People have asked now that my two adult contracts are wrapping up (Queen of Babble Gets Hitched, which will be out next June, is my last adult book for now) what I’ll be writing next. A lot of readers have suggested doing an adult paranormal series in the vein of The Mediator. I can’t tell you what I’ve come up with, but I WILL tell you the things I’ve definitely ruled out (not because these aren’t good things to write books about, they just aren’t for me):

No gnomes. Sorry, this goes for elves, too….

No talking animals….

No ghosts. Been there, done that….

No robots or time travel….

Nothing that sucks blood….

Nothing that flies (or does group sex….)

Nobody who lives underwater. Especially with her aquatic friends who talk….

No hero where, if the heroine kisses him, she has to spit hair out of her mouth afterwards. Although I feel compelled to admit that in the 80s I was a member of the fan club and wrote fan fiction for:

Shut up! I was a teenageryoung!

No. Just no.

You can see what I’m up against. I realize this doesn’t leave me with a lot. But I enjoy a creative challenge.

While I’m trying to decide, take this new quiz Tina Hakim Baba wrote to find out whether or not he likes you!

And then check out this awesome new journal writing program for booksellers and librarians (with cool printable downloads) we’re launching across America just in time for the release of Princess Diaries Volume 9, Princess Mia!

And lastly, would I leave you stranded for the weekend without another video blog to enjoy? Check out this new one they’ve posted EXCLUSIVELY on my book page at HarperCollins.com!

More later.

Much love,


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