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Tiny Boxes

Cough! Cough!

Okay, so do any of the cold and cough medicines you can buy over the counter actually work anymore? Because I’ve been trying all the various members of the Robitussin and Sucrets family, and so far I’m still hacking away like Mimi in La Boheme (well, you know, if she’d really exhibited the symptoms of the tuberculosis which most likely killed her).

But it’s okay because I’m visiting my mom and she’s giving me lots of cupcakes and tucking me up onto the couch to watch her favorite shows, like Brothers and Sisters, which would be really confusing except that she’s explaining who everyone is and what’s going on.

In book related news, the LA Times gave the Queen of Babble movie the star treatment on Friday, while my good friend Michele Jaffe’s book Bad Kitty was one of YALSA’s Top Ten Picks of 2007! Thanks for voting for her! Fans of Bad Kitty will be happy to know Bad Kitty 2, Kitty Kitty, will be out this coming summer. Congratulations to Michele (and Sarah Dessen, and all the winners)! That is so fantastic!

Much like Mia’s mom from The Princess Diaries, my mom is an artist. But unlike Mia’s mom, mine doesn’t do angry paintings. She spends most of her time painting the sides of tiny boxes with little scenes of the view from the house where she and her boyfriend spend their summers in Maine.

As Marilyn Vos Savant, the genius with the column in Parade magazine put it, the meaning of life is to spend as much time as possible doing the thing you love doing best–the thing that makes time pass so quickly, you don’t even notice (this does not include anything that is illegal or bad for you, such as drugs).

Well, for my mom, right now that thing is painting tiny boxes with scenes like this:

or this:

Every time I talk to my mom, I go, “What have you been doing?” and she goes, “Oh, let’s see. Well, I painted twelve tiny boxes.”

I will admit this might sound like slightly bizarre behavior, but I guess it is not as bizarre as writing a bazillion books, which is what I do because it is the thing I love doing best.

Also, it reminds me of that scene in the movie LA Story when the lady calls her mother and asks what she’s doing, and the mom says she’s making papier mache hats. That is an even more bizarre thing for a mom to be doing than making tiny boxes with paintings on them.

Did you know Marilyn Vos Savant is married to the guy on those Lipitor commercials, Robert Jarvik, who invented the Jarvik artificial heart? It’s right here in case you don’t believe me.

Making artificial hearts is also an excellent way to pass time. As is reading this blog.

Well, I have to go blow my nose, then write some more books. Bye!

More later.

Much love,