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Thank You

You guys are seriously the best. Why? Because after my sad previous post, many of you rushed to cheer me up, letting me know that I could view the Gossip Girl episode I missed this Sunday (thanks, Danielle!), and that it’s OK to hate the Miami Airport (thanks, Erika)!

But then things got even better. First, my boyfriend, Al Gore, won the Nobel Peace Prize.

(I realize this a photo of him holding an Oscar but they haven’t given him the actual Nobel prize yet…)

Now if he would just run for President, all my dreams would come true (well, okay, not ALL of them, but close)….

Then a friend forwarded me this hilarious clip of Doris Lessing getting the news that she’d won the Nobel Prize for Literature. I will admit, I was pretty surprised myself. It’s not often someone whose books I’ve actually read wins this prize.

But then the piece de resistance came this morning, when fellow YA author Daria Snadowsky forwarded me this piece of BREAKING celebrity gossip!

Hi, Meg, yesterday I had a celeb sighting I thought you’d appreciate.

I went to see the 8 o’clock show of Kathy Griffin at Mandalay Bay here in Las Vegas (where I live). We had great seats eight rows back from the stage and four seats from the aisle. I’m wondering to myself if Steve Wozniak–

Note from Meg: For those of you who don’t know, Steve Wozniak is the billionaire Apple Computer co-founder who is currently rumored to be dating Emmy award-winning and recently divorced comedienne Kathy Griffin whose former husband had a gambling problem and stole a bunch of her money. ALLEGEDLY.

–is there, and I figure he’s probably backstage if he is. Well, not two minutes later I turn to my right, and guess who’s standing there in the aisle taking off his jacket and about to sit in the aisle seat? The Woz himself!! He’s with two other people I didn’t recognize.

I asked for his autograph he signed it –Woz.– (He understandably didn’t look too thrilled at being recognized and interrupted, so I sort of regret accosting him.) But sitting that close to him during the show was a treat. He was MESMERIZED by Kathy Griffin. Smiling like a school boy in love, his gaze fixed firmly on her the entire time, laughing heartily at all of her jokes (he has the cutest staccato –Hah Hah– laugh). And he was the first to stand up to give her a standing ovation at the end.

Kathy mentioned him a few times in her act (which was incredible mostly new material, too); she recounted the Larry King experience where she mentioned how much richer Woz is than Larry, she talked at length about the Emmy experience, and how when he needed to get a tux for the Emmys, he innocently shopped at the Men’s Warehouse because you could get two there for the price of one. I think Kathy knew where he was sitting too because she kept looking his way during the act. Oh, and she was RADIANT. I’ve been to her live shows before, and this is the happiest and most luminous I’ve ever seen her.

Anyway, it was a thrilling night getting to watch such an amazing talent with her equally amazing beau just four seats away, and I just wanted to assure you that they looked very much in love.

Then Daria included a photo of her ticket and Woz’s autograph!

Could you die? Isn’t that the sweetest story? Yay, Kathy!!!

Also YAY Daria for getting us this TOTALLY DISHY scoop!

Check out Daria’s book, I haven’t read it yet, but I am totally going to:

Isn’t this the best cover? Chicklish and YABooksCentral gave the book five out of five stars and those are just a few of the glowing reviews it’s received so far…..

(PS Daria didn’t ask me to post all that stuff about her book, she didn’t even mention it, but I investigated it by Googling her, and found it all out on my own, because I am SNEAKY that way…)

Also, you can BUILD YOUR OWN BOYFRIEND on Daria’s website. Thanks a lot, Daria, I only have 21 pages to go on the book I’m trying to finish by Monday, only instead I am building my own boyfriend on your site….*shaking fist*

Seriously, though, THANKS AGAIN! YOU ALL RULE!!!

More later.

Much love,