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So Many Contests….

…so many chances to win my books!

Okay, so those of you who’ve been dying to get your hands on advanced reader copies of Big Boned and Princess Diaries 9, here’s your chance…

Just click here (actual bidding is going on here)! There’s tons of stuff to bid on besides my books. So get bidding! It’s for an excellent cause!

And for those of you who want a sneak peek at my first ever middle grade (translation: books for readers 8 and up!), I’ve got FREE (you read that right) advanced reader copies to give away!

But you have to do something for me (so…yeah, I guess they’re not really free): I decided to start writing a middle grade series because so many of my readers’ little sisters kept wanting to know when I was going to write something that was okay for readers their age (younger than 12) to read.

So now I want to hear from kids, teachers, booksellers, librarians, Moms and Dads, and big sisters and brothers…why are YOU looking forward to ALLIE FINKLE’S RULES FOR GIRLS?

Is it because your little sister is too young for my teen books, and she’ll finally have a Meg Cabot book all her own to read, and stop stealing yours, then asking you what “frisson” means?

Do you have a funny anecdote about a younger reader who wants to read a Meg Cabot book, but hasn’t been allowed to up until now?

Are you a younger reader whose Mom won’t let you read my books (if so, what are you doing reading my blog) who is looking forward to reading about Allie?

Please share! This contest is over. Winners have been notified and their prizes have been mailed. Thanks to all who participated!!

And don’t forget, in the UK they’ve been looking for the perfect covergirl to be their Allie…check Go Girl magazine for details!

Meanwhile, don’t forget

Just click here!
You only have NINE DAYS to make a difference…and get your hands on all sorts of dandy goodies ONLY available through AAR.

I think whoever gets Princess Mia is going to enjoy it, because I just got this email:

Hi Meg! I just wanted to let you know that I reviewed your new book, Princess Mia, for Harper Teen First Look, and I totally think it’s awesome. It’s my favorite in the series yet (and believe me, I’ve read all of them since I was 11, when my obsession began). And I think I have telepathical powers, because when I was reading about the part where Mia was being emo in bed in her hello kitty flannel pjs, SO WAS I!!! And then when she got her nails done a bright red and her grandma was freaking out, I had just gotten back from a pirate party, where I painted my nails super scary red!! It was awesome!! I read that book in, like, 7 hours. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your books, and tell you that I think you did a great job with Princess Mia. Thanks! ~cAtHeRiNe~

No, thank YOU, Catherine.

And here’s a snippet from a RomanceJunkies review of Big Boned to whet your appetite:

The tragedy of Death Dorm strikes again!

Suddenly, Heather needs to bring her amateur sleuthing skills back to play as she unwittingly gets involved in solving the case of (her boss) Owen’s murder. The possible suspects are plenty but Heather gets the feeling she still has not caught the real criminal. With her crush Cooper Cartwright helping her, and with her boyfriend Tad hinting at something about their relationship, Heather has a lot on her mind. Love, murder, school politics, it is all coming together in Meg Cabot’s BIG BONED.

Just about every word uttered by Heather Wells on the pages of BIG BONED is sure to produce spontaneous laughter. Heather Wells is a kindhearted, do-gooder character who cannot help but be drawn in by trouble. She cares for the students who live in her dorm, going above and beyond the call of duty often. But this just adds charm to her character, and to the story. As for the mystery, there are a few red herrings to sort out. I was more focused on Heather’s interactions with her students, Cooper, and the other characters. She brings life to this mystery and to these pages. I was sad to see the story end but also very happy with the way it ended. Meg Cabot is an author who is certain to bring a smile to your face at the end of her story. Laughter, love, and hijinks make BIG BONED an amusing read!

(Don’t worry, the story doesn’t really end with BIG BONED, though, because a 4th book spontaneously occurred to me the other day. I just have to find time to write it between all the other books I have contracted right now, which will be in like 2009 or something.)

So are you stoked? You know where to go….(scroll back up to the top of this entry).

Okay, I have to go turn in a book now, then start my next one. THE FUN NEVER STOPS IN MEG CABOTLAND.

(PS I was at this dinner party the other night and this guy who was a professorial type who didn’t know what I do for a living was trying to tell me that writers can only write when the muse strikes. And I was like, “Dude, if that were true, every professional author I know would be living in a cardboard box under the highway, including me.”)

More later.

Much love,