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Seventeen Magazine Contest

Did you hear the news? I’m judging the Seventeen Magazine Fiction Writing contest this year!

Well, not just me. Me; my longtime editor, Abigail McAden of Point (the imprint of Scholastic that my new series Airhead [June 2008] and Abandon [Summer 2009] are being published under); and best-selling author Aimee Friedman.

“What? A writing contest! Bring me my quill! I’m getting started right away!”

I love when I get asked to judge the Seventeen Magazine Fiction contest, because when I was in high school and college I used to enter this contest EVERY year, and I never won. My mom entered and placed in this contest when she was nineteen. So I was always like, “It’s my genetic destiny to win!” But I never did.

“I know winning isn’t everything…except when it is…!”

But now I’m a judge! Which is even better than winning (okay, shut up, I know it isn’t)!

And have you checked out the prizes? $2,500! A chance to have your story published in Seventeen! A chance to have a character named after you in the sequel to my new book, Airhead…and that’s just FIRST prize!

“Oh my goodness! How does this sound, Frederick? ‘It was a dark and stormy night…Suddenly, a shot rang out!’”

But this year Seventeen is trying something new: Instead of having you submit your own stories, they asked me to begin a story exclusively for Seventeen readers to finish! They’re looking for your best creative efforts, in 350 words or less, that showcase your personality without losing the message and tone of my story. Click here for details, and here for the beginning of my story….

“I have until January 7, 2008? That’s only three months away! Plus there’s the holidays! And all those balls! I’m not wasting any more time!”

Meanwhile, who watched Legally Blonde, the Musical, on MTV this past weekend? Oh my God, oh my God, you guys:

It’s is so uplifting and good for when you’re feeling down (which–if you don’t have a kitchen because it’s being renovated and all your appliances are still disconnected and sitting in your dining room and all you hear all day is hammering–is, like, all the time). I don’t know when MTV is rebroadcasting it, but next time it’s on, you HAVE to watch it. In the meantime, buy the soundtrack. Better yet, go to New York and see the show! Here is a YouTube clip with highlights. It’s SO worth watching.

And oh my God, did you catch Dan’s mole people reference on Gossip Girl last night? I am not saying Dan has been reading my blog or stalking me or anything, but I have seriously been mentioning the mole people a lot lately. I love this show. (Each one of those mole people links was different, in case you didn’t notice.)

I won’t even mention that there’s a hot guy who drives a green Vespa in Airhead, which is set in SoHo, NYC, because how could Dan have read that, since it’s not even out yet?

And don’t forget, the bidding over at AAR to raise funds for Katrina victims continues. In addition to signed copies of Big Boned and Princess Mia and many other books, you can also bid on having a professional editor critique your completed manuscript! Come on, who could pass that up?

Just click here (there are three pages of items)!

And I’m still accepting ALLIE FINKLE blurbs (i.e., why those of you who are looking forward to reading my Allie Finkles series are doing so)!

“Oh my God, Oh my God, you guys! I have to get started on my Seventeen Magazine fiction contest entry right now!”!

Have a great weekend!

More later.

Much love,


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