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My Head is Exploding

Why didn’t anyone tell me that Judy Blume has a blog? Do you realize how awesome and groundbreaking this is? This is JUDY BLUME, who wrote BLUBBER, one of my favorite books ever, and one of the most banned books of all time! She has a BLOG! I’m so happy!

In other book related news, fascinated by author Maureen Johnson’s frequent bloggings about her adventures writing with other authors (I mean, physically sitting down to write in the same room with them), I actually joined her and authors Cassandra Clare, E. Lockhart, Bennett Madison, Lauren McLaughlin, and Sarah Mlynowski at their secret writing location in a café downtown to do some work (only really to see how this “work” thing happens, because I was so curious).

I got exactly zero work done, because of course the whole time I was like, “What are YOU working on? And what are YOU working on? What FONT is that? Does anyone want some cookies? What kind of sandwich is that? Why won’t this wi-fi let me go to D-Listed? Why won’t that guy on the cell phone over there shut up? What’s your next book about? Have you ever been to Seattle?”

That’s how I found out that, unlike JK Rowling and many other authors, I actually can’t work in cafés, I think mostly thanks to being hyper. And I mean that literally since my neurologist announced recently that I am actually clinically HYPER (in case you couldn’t tell already by my constant use of capital letters, or as my neurologist likes to call it, “pressured speech,” and the fact that I have written so many books that people think I am more than one person).

This might explain why my favorite song in the 80s was Robert Palmer’s Hyperactive.

Anyway, it was an honor to sit with such cool authors, all of whom were way tolerant of me and didn’t mention that I was bothering them at all, and all of whom are working on books that are going to make you drool when they come out, they’re so good.

In yet more book-related news, somehow a movie based on Susan Cooper’s fantastic The Dark is Rising series snuck into theaters this weekend. It’s called The Seeker and it’s all about Will Stanton, about whom I used to have weird fantasies when I was eleven (shut up, I was precocious). I’m totally going to see it. Look out, Will!

Here is a fascinating NPR interview with author Susan Cooper.

Meanwhile, I finally figured out how my universal remote control works. I’m all over Reaper. A slacker who hunts demons? Hello! I’m so there. It’s ultra fantastic and, while not a Buffy replacement, is hilarious!

And Pushing Daisies is so good, too. It’s like a movie! But it’s a TV show!

And what’s with no one going, “Hey, Meg, what did you think about the new season premiere of Dexter, the Showtime series about the serial killer who only kills people who really deserve to die?”

Oh, I really, really loved it, thanks! This is one of my favorite series ever, and my friend Beth calls me after each episode and freaks out over how much she loves it, too. We also love the books by Jeff Lindsay! If you haven’t tried them, you totally need to, they completely and totally ROCK.

And based on author Sarah Dessen’s recommendation, I renewed my resolution to watch Friday Night Lights. Now, I have been watching this show since it first came on, because I loved the movie, and I even read and loved the book, which is amazing, because I hate sports.

But Sarah’s right. It’s not about football. It’s about life, and it’s INTENSE, and sometimes hard to watch. But you won’t regret giving it forty minutes of your life a week. Try the book, too.

Finally, months after everyone else, I saw Stranger Than Fiction, which I enjoyed. When I was at the Readergirlz chat, someone asked me what I would do if one of my characters came alive and started talking to me. Basically, I would punch them in the face pre-emptively, because I have put my characters through a lot of crap, and they all have reason to be VERY mad at me.

But I thought the weirdest part of that movie was Queen Latifah’s character.

This is the part that would never happen.

I could buy a character coming alive and being mad at an author for mistreating him. But no publisher would EVER send a full time, fully paid assistant to an author to make sure she got her book done on time. That would NEVER happen in a million years (although many Harlequin romances have been written based on this premise, such as Dream House by Victoria Gordon, which was really good).

Seriously, though, I thought Queen Latifah was going to turn out to be a figment of Emma Thompson’s imagination at the end of the movie. More fool me.

Honestly, after the week I had (and all that html code I just had to write for all those links above, which you have to admit was truly impressive, and frankly I think I deserve some kind of medal, especially how I made all those covers line up, right????), I’m surprised my head is still on and in one piece.

I am going to reward myself by going to see what Gawker is saying about Gossip Girl now.

More later.

Much love,