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Henrietta and the Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I had one of those nightmare days yesterday where I got to the airport in New York City at eight thirty in the morning and I didn’t reach my destination airport (in Key West) until eight thirty yesterday evening. Seriously.

And I had a CAT with me. In a bag.

It is one thing to do that to a human being, but it is really mean to do that to a cat.

I know the airlines are trying to do better (I guess). And everyone at American Airlines was really nice to us. I guess weather was partly to blame.

But when you have a cat in a bag with you, and what is usually only a five hour journey becomes a twelve hour one, and you get to your connecting flight in time, and it still just leaves without you, that is wrong. Especially considering all the construction going on in Miami Airport, aka the worst airport in the entire world, where they have signs up that say, “It is a Twenty Minute Walk From Terminal A to Terminal D” (which was where we were going).

Here is a photo of me looking completely insane around the eyes while we were waiting the three hours for the next available flight, during which we finally got Henrietta to drink a little water out of a cup:

These adorable five-year-old triplets whose parents were taking them to Paradise Island in the Bahamas came over while Henrietta was enjoying some time out of the bag and were like, “Can I pet your cat?” And I was like, “No.”

And then the triplets practically started to cry.

But, seriously, the last thing Henrietta needed right then was a bunch of excited triplets petting her. She has a thyroid condition and is not exactly a friendly cat, which was why I hadn’t left her with a catsitter in the first place (I’m the only one she’ll take her pill from). I was afraid she’d kill those kids.

Fortunately their mom was like, “GIRLS. STOP BOTHERING THAT LADY AND HER CAT.”

I totally could have kissed her for that. She could not have known what a terrible day Henrietta and I had just had. Like how I’d cried because the air conditioning stopped working and it got so hot I was convinced Henrietta was going to suffocate under the stupid seat, and they wouldn’t let me pull her out because we were taking off.

She’s fine now. I don’t know if I’ll ever recover.

Oh, except YALSA has nominated The Merlin Prophecy for its 2007 Great Graphic Novels award. So that’s one good thing.

And we’re home. Which is another.

But I missed Gossip Girl waiting for our bags to come out. Was it good?

More later.

Much love,