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Well, I have a really bad cold, and I’m going to go visit my mom this week, so I guess things couldn’t be worse. Ha ha, just kidding, Mom!

No, really. I guess the plane I’m taking to go see my mom could crash. That would be worse.

I have one of those colds where the phlegm is basically just oozing out of every orifice in my head, and there is this throbbing pain behind my eyeballs that no medication will make go away.

Anyway, if I die, my agent has the ending of PD10, and will tell you all what happens, so you won’t be left in suspense (PD9 will come out regardless of my untimely death, so we don’t have to worry about that. Both Airhead and Abandon end kind of cliffhangery but I don’t suppose you’ll be quite as invested in those since I’ve only written one book so far in each. Anyway, my editor knows what’s going to happen in the sequels, so she can tell you).

While I’m gone (with my mom. I don’t mean if I’m dead, although that, too), I want you all to read this so we can discuss it when I get back:

Yes. There’s a new chick lit author on the block, and she’s kicking ass and taking names!

I got to read an advanced reader copy of this book, and seriously, you’re not going to want to miss it. It might even make your head cold feel better (okay, no, it won’t, but it will make an airplane ride go faster). Check it out:

Looks like we made it…
From the outside looking in, Cassie Martin’s life is storybook perfect. She and her investment banker husband, Rick, have everything — financial stability, a loving marriage, and a to-die-for apartment overlooking the Manhattan skyline that they share with their two young sons and one stinky but beloved dog. It may not be the height of excitement, but Cassie’s content to take care of her family and compete in the superparenting sweepstakes of the New York City private school mom.

Then one night, in one instant, everything changes. Rick has been offered an exciting new opportunity involving a…Barry Manilow retrospective? And he wants — no, needs — to try to get the feeling again.

I can’t smile without you…or can I?

What can a woman do once she’s been abandoned for brown polyester leisure suits and an a capella version of “Weekend in New England” other than hope her husband will eventually come to his senses?

Well, she can try capitalizing on her break up by blogging wittily about it…so Cassie does. What has she got to lose? But as Cassie tries to keep her life afloat among the complications of financial insecurity, warring parents of her own, a mother-in-law who suddenly wants to become best girlfriends 4ever, and the advent of a third child in her life, it becomes clear that there’s more to the Manilow story than meets the eye.

And as fate would have it, Cassie’s new work has her venturing into some of the city’s hottest night spots — definitely not the Copacabana — and maybe, just maybe, into the arms of a man who will help her try to get the feeling again….

But what will Cassie do when Rick begs her to let him come back home?

Jessica has won lots of awards (including a RITA, the highest award given by the romance community) for her witty Regency romances, and her first leap into the chick-lit genre should win her lots more–she makes the move flawlessly. Don’t miss it!

Oh my God, I just took my temperature and it’s ninety-eight point six. How is that even possible? I swear I thought it would be like one oh five at least. Thank God I am going to see my mom. She better have cupcakes for me. I am not eating any soup. I can’t stand soup. What IS soup? It’s not food. But it’s not a beverage. I want cupcakes. And my mommy.

If you’re ever as sick as me, I highly recommend making someone you know run out to the video store and getting the new My So Called Life DVD so you can watch the complete series, all 19 episodes plus bonus material of possibly the greatest teen series ever made. Oh, yes, I said the greatest.

Then you can try to decide if your boyfriend is a Jordan Catalano or a Brian Krackow. I bet you’ve heard older ladies discussing this and you never knew what they meant. Well, now you’ll know. I know they occassionally show this series on obscure cable channels, but on Oct. 30, you can finally watch the whole series in order on DVD, and you will come to conclude, as I have, that dating Jordan Catalanos is fine, but you want to marry Brian Krackows (once they’re through their awkward stage).

“Oh, hi, Angela. It’s me, your brain? Yeah, I know he’s hot. And I don’t know what you should do, either. Oh, wait, I’m lying, yes, I do. You should dump him and ten years from now you’ll bump into Brian Krackow on the street in Manhattan and he’ll be really cute and gentlemanly and he’ll own his own software company, and you’ll own your own fashion design company, and you two will hit it off, and you can have hot monkey sex back at Brian’s cool loft after work and on weekends and watch re-runs of yourself on his huge plasma TV. Meanwhile, Jordan will still be back in that same town, living in his van, not paying child support for his five kids by five different girls while he’s running his own meth lab. This one is sort of a no-brainer. OK, Angela? OK, buh-bye.”

I really have just six words for you, in closing. Are You Ready To Step Up?. Coming this February. Thank God I have something to live for now.

More later.

Much love (even though it’s from my deathbed),