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Can We Talk?

Oh my God, I had so much fun on the Today Show! Those ladies were a riot. Rosalind Wiseman is so funny and nice (although she might have seemed serious on the show). If you want to watch the segment, click here) and then keep clicking the word Next under Video from Today until you see my face (sorry, that’s the only place I can find the video). Thanks for all your nice emails about my “performance.” FYI, my dress and shoes were from Betsey Johnson.

I had a blast at the Readergirlz chat, I’m sorry if I didn’t get to your comment personally, I am not very Myspace proficient in case you couldn’t tell. Don’t forget, the Readergirlz will be hosting live chats with Real Live Authors all month. Be there, or be Completely Left Out.

Anyway, what about Britney, huh? But my mom says I can’t talk about her, because what if she kills herself? Then how bad will I feel for gossiping about her?

So instead I will discuss my profound disappoint with the show Gossip Girls. Yes, I said it, that show is disappointing me. OK, look, I never read the books because, hello, I am busy writing my own books, so I don’t really know what they’re about. But my understanding was that they were dishy and awesome, not PREACHY and MORALISTIC. Why else were all those moms so worried about them rotting the brains of their impressionable young daughters?

So instead, this show is rotting my brain with its moralizing. No offense.

Why do all these girls like this guy? He’s cute, but does he even have a personality? Not that I’ve seen. Plus, how come everybody is blaming Serena for them sleeping together and no one is blaming HIM? There were two people in that room, but he’s still Blair’s sweetie? Puhlease.

Where’s the fabulous, guilt-free smut, and the characters we can relate to, along with other characters we can gleefully despise? Dan is such a little prude! I liked him when he was calling Chuck a rapist, and punching him in the face for it, but what happened since then? And how am I supposed to root for Serena when she acts like a professional victim? This show and its characters had better get some spine, or I’m Audi 2007. And get rid of the icky mom subplot. Ew!

God, I’m so worked up now. I have to think about something happy. Oh, I know….

How about the awesomeness that is this fabulous new show):

Okay, enough about TV. I have to get to work now. I actually wrote, I hate to get to work now…that’s because my DVR is calling me with all those other new shows I’ve recorded but haven’t watched yet…but those have to wait until I’ve gotten some more pages done. As my reward! They better be better than Gossip Girl!

More later.

Much love,