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It’s Always Funny Till There Are No More Librarians

Wow, you guys are awesome detectives, you completely solved the mystery I mentioned in my last blog!

The answers (more or less—some of these may not be completely right, if not, I apologize), for those who are interested, are posted at the end of this entry.

Again, you guys went above and beyond and I thank you. I have been slightly preoccupied this week due to the fact that the other day I walked into my local T Mobile store to replace my cell phone charger (which I lost) and the girl behind the counter went, “Oh, your account is up for renewal, you can upgrade to a Blackberry Pearl for less than nineteen dollars a month, here, don’t you want this nice white one, it matches your white MacBook,” and I went, “What?”

And then she dangled this adorable little thing in front of me that by the way fits perfectly into the front pocket of my purse and has the cutest little pink gel cover, and I was gone. I love my Blackberry Pearl! Even if I have no idea how to work it, and by the way, no one ever calls me on my cell phone except wrong numbers (more on that in another entry).

So what with that, and revisions, I have no time to blog now. Except to say that, since you all did such a good job with the last batch of covers, I thought I’d share the following:

Added bonus covers:

Seriously, this is just mean to Samantha.

Suze? Is that you? That is not at all how I pictured you.

All kidding aside, even though I use little description in my books because I like to let readers imagine how characters look on their own (so they can imagine whoever they want in the place of the heroine), and would never say their interpretation is wrong (except of course when they seem to be purposefully miscontruing a character’s actions), nor would I ever say which actor/actress would best fit a certain part for a character, I was shocked when I got this cover, because this is exactly how I pictured Mia in the first Princess Diaries book (but that doesn’t mean I didn’t think Anne Hathaway was great in the movie, or that you can’t picture Mia however you want. This cover model is just the spitting image of how I always pictured her):

And now, More of Meg Cabot’s Foreign Covers, with Meg’s Interpretations on What Their Titles Probably Are, If We Translated Them:

Him: “I Look Just Like This Guy Who Went To Meg’s High School Who No One Ever Thought Would Amount To Anything, And Now Look At Me, I’m A Model On A Romance Novel Cover, So All Of You Can Go Suck It.”
Her: “Do You Like My Dress? I Made It Out Of A Queen Size Sheet.”

Her: “My Head Is Too Small For My Body.”
Him: “Mine Too. Let’s Make Out.”

“No One Ever Warned Them Of The Dangers Of Making Out In A Park During A Lightning Storm”

Her: “I Got This Top At Urban Outfitters”
Him: “Was It Half Off? Because It’s About To Be.”

“A Gigantic Supernova Is About To Engulf The Planet And We Are All Going To Die. So Let’s Have Sex.”

“Not In Front Of The Dog!”

“She Wanted To Love Him, But It Was Impossible, Because Of His Bad Dye Job.”

Him:“Don’t Worry, I’m Just Checking You For Ticks After That Long Walk In That Meadow.”
Her: “Oh, I Just Thought You Were Drawn To Me Because I Am Wearing Eyeshadow Even Though It’s Only 1876, One Hundred Years Before Eyeshadow Came Into Style.”

Now that I have your attention:

It’s not often something actually important comes across my desk (er…bed), but today something did: The single most important piece of legislation concerning school libraries comes before Congress in two weeks: Strengthening Kids’ Interest in Learning and Libraries, the SKILLs Act. We need everyone who cares about young people, literacy, literature, and libraries to contact their congressional legislator’s office in Washington and tell their representative, respectfully, that they support the SKILLs Act, and they want their legislator to support and cosponsor it, too.

The SKILLs Act will:

1.) Require every public school in every public school district in the country (elementary, middle, and secondary schools) to employ at least one state-certified school library media specialist per school no later than the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year.

2.) Broaden the focus of training, professional development, and recruitment activities to include school library media specialists.

3.) Ensure that funds will serve elementary, middle, and high school students.

4.) Require books and materials to be appropriate for and engage the interest of students in all grade levels and students with special learning needs, including English language learners.

Scroll down for how you can help, or read on for more:

What this means is that all of our kids will not only have increased access to quality information and story, but will also have someone to teach them how to assess that information, so that they can become critical consumers of information. It means that kids of every color, from every background, will find the books they need in their own school libraries.

The enactment of the SKILLs Act also means that there will be more funds for book and educational purchases, giving young people more access to quality books chosen by knowledgeable professionals. Because the act increases purchasing dollars, it will give the discriminating book institutional market greater input on what is published for young people.

Due to traffic and public safety issues many children can no longer walk alone to their own neighborhood public libraries and are dependent on an adult taking them. Because many children of working parents have limited or no access to public libraries, school libraries managed by professionals are more important than ever.

In order for the SKILLs Act to be included in legislation this year ­ that is, to place a state-certified school library media specialist in every school ­ each member of the House must co-sponsor the SKILLS Act.

What can you do? It couldn’t be easier! Fax, phone, or email your congressional representative in support of the SKILLs Act by September 24, 2007 (that’s Monday, people).

To find contact information for your congressional representative by zip code go here.

If you click on the above link and input your zip code, it takes you directly to a place where you can email your representatives. You just have to put in your address. It’s SO EASY. I did it in literally two minutes. It was sooooo EASY!

To find detailed information about the SKILLs Act go :

Support school libraries and librarians, champions of books! Even books with funny covers, like my favorite Princess Diaries cover of all time:

More later.

Much love,


PS: Answers to previous blog entry’s mystery books:

Something along the lines of “Yes, Please, With Chocolate” which appears to be the German translation of Queen of Babble. Why so many ties and only one bra? Who knows?; That’s Size 14 Is Not Fat Either; Teen Idol (Lithuanian); Party Princess (Israeli); the fembot is the Boy Next Door; the Canadian ad executives appear to be Paul and Suze from Hauntedin Polish; Boy Next Door; Twilight in Polish; Heidi on the ocean is probably Payton from An Improper Proposal which is a Patricia Cabot book and not suitable for children so it’s really odd she looks like she’s about twelve on this cover especially considering some of the things she did on that boat; Dress Falling Down is some other Patricia Cabot novel, and finally, Miss Blue Halter Top and short skirt is probably Boy Meets Girl.

Don’t forget! Call, fax, or write your local representative, or better yet, make your parents do it!

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