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I’m back in Florida (regular readers of this blog will be aware that I spent the past few weeks in my husband’s scary country lair), and I’m paying the price for all those cupcakes I ordered and sent to myself, since all of my shorts appear to be kinda tight.

Many thanks to those of you who took the time to comment on my 9/11 diary entry. I know most of you come to this blog expecting to find humorous entries. However, I also know from the mail I receive that some of my readers, many of whom were six in 2001, have no idea why it’s important not to forget what happened on that day—not for political reasons, but to KEEP it from getting politicized (I guess I should say MORE politicized).

So, anyway. To quote from my favorite philosopher, Lisa Simpson, as I often do when I feel like I’m going crazy: “Okay, okay, calm down, it’s just a bird, you don’t control the birds. You will someday. But not today.”

Moving on, because I didn’t exercise at all in the lair, I’m now doing the “I left it upstairs” exercise program, which is the only exercise program I can abide (I hate gyms). It involves leaving personal items I know I will need later upstairs (or downstairs) and then having to run up (or down) the stairs to go and get them (items such as: migraine medication, food, water, chapstick, laptop computers, shoes, magazines, reading glasses, etc).

This exercise regime also includes forgetting to buy whatever one item it is I need at the store and then having to get back on my bike to go get it.

This is the only way I have found to incorporate exercise into my daily routine. If you hate exercise as much as I do, you should try it some time. It really works! I am up and down those stairs (and back and forth to the store) a thousand times a day. Of course, this doesn’t work if you are the sort of person who likes to set aside one half hour just for exercise. But researchers say you get just as much health benefit from doing exercise in little bursts throughout the day as you do from doing it all at once way. So there!

I have not eliminated cupcakes from my diet, however. I am limiting myself to one a day. Although I am not ordering more because I found out you can buy them at the grocery store for a lot less than ordering them from Dean and Deluca and (don’t tell anyone) they taste even better (although they are not decorated as cute).

Anyway, in books news, my Brazilian publisher has dedicated several pages on their site to my books, so Brazilian readers, here’s a link to the publication schedule of when my books will be released in Portuguese, something you’ve been asking me a lot! Princess Diaries 8 and Every Boys Got One are out for the first time in Brazil now! You can access this site and others here.

Finally, the cats are glad we’re back, although they had the people working on the house to keep them company and didn’t really seem to miss us all that much (except for Henrietta who didn’t have anyone to keep her water caps full for her).

And I am delighted to know that we don’t have to worry about giving them swimming lessons. Apparently cats naturally know how to swim (which I sort of knew from tigers, but is it wrong that I really want to try this with my own cats?). I won’t, though!

More later.

Much love,