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NYT/Allie Finkle Search/Kathy Finds A Guy Who Won’t Steal From Her

Guess what? JINX rose to number 3 on the NY Times Children’s Chapter bestseller list this week! Thanks a lot, you guys!

And congrats to Megan Mccafferty, whose new Jessica Darling book Fourth Comings debuted at number 16 on the adult list! Woohoo, Megan! It’s always cool to have so many Megans on any list (even if she does spell it wrong, ha ha).

And have you checked out Carolyn Mackler’s new book GUYAHOLIC yet?

It’s in stores now! And don’t miss her shiny new website here. Go, Carolyn!

Other awesome news: For the UK covers of the Allie Finkle books, they’re going to conduct a nation wide (in the UK) search for the perfect covergirl to play Allie! Yay!

So if you know any cute little girls you think would be perfect as Allie, start checking Go Girl magazine for details on how you can enter her (coming soon)….

(PS I purposefully didn’t describe Allie in the books so that readers could picture themselves as the main character. So really, Allie can be ANY little girl aged nine or so.)

Other good news—in case you missed it: film and television rights for my book How to be Popular have been optioned by MTV. And for those not in the know, the script for the Avalon High television movie on Disney Channel is well underway. Sorry, I don’t have ANY say over casting, so please don’t send me headshots. Check with your agent or Variety for information on auditions (but like I said, they’re only doing the first draft of the script now, it will be a while before they’re casting)…that’s the best I can tell you!

Regarding my last post about quitting: There are some things that are unpleasant that you really SHOULDN’T quit…Chemotherapy, for instance. And high school. And Algebra. You do need to know Algebra, because it’s necessary for when you have to figure out how much to pay people, such as your employees when you have your own big company. You’ll also need it to know how much you are going to have to pay for things when they go on sale (don’t be all, “Oh, they’ll just mark it off at the register,” because that’s how they rip people off).

And I really should mention that there are SOME nice people who are in showchoir. One of the coolest people I ever met, I met in showchoir. She was also, incidentally, a cheerleader. I based the character Darlene in my book “How to be Popular” on her.

Meanwhile, how happy am I about comedienne Kathy Griffin possibly dating Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, and billionaire? It could not have happened to a nicer funny girl.

Moving on: after a delicious breakfast of Nutella on a toast (you didn’t believe me when I said we were eating out for every meal during our kitchen renovation, did you? I’m sorry…but I did tell you that Pants on Fire was semi-autobiographical, and that I tend to exaggerate things to make them more interesting, right? Actually, we have a lovely microwave/toaster/minifridge set up so I can still have my morning Nutella/tea for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and microwaved leftovers in front of my boyfriend newsjournalist Brian Williams in the evening), I got all ready to work on revisions (something else I’d like to quit, but can’t, as they are necessary) and arrived at my work station (also known as my bed) to find this:

Hey! Let go of my manuscript!

Hey! Remember who feeds you, Henrietta!

I think this calls for a link to a video posted on Cute Overload the other day which starts out innocently enough as two kittens play fight…until the introduction of a third kitten, who does something that sums up my feeling on revisions, high school, showchoirs, and Algebra, EXACTLY: Click here to view it.

Have a great week!

More later.

Much love,