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Chat on Sunday, August 12

So many of you wrote to me after my last post!

Look, I understand. At least, I will try to.

But can I just assure you that real boys are way better than vampires? True, they sometimes do annoying things like watch golf all day without moving from the couch even though they promised to take you to K-Mart to buy bins in which to store your cosmetics.

But they also do wonderful things, such as watch “Gilmore Girl” marathons with you and agree that Logan really is horrible and deserves to die a slow painful death.

Plus they have heartbeats and eat cheeseburgers and are warm when you cuddle up to them when it’s cold at night, and stuff.

But if you want to yell me at me about it some more (or even better, if you want to join me in being worried about girls who seem to think it’s OK to give up their identity for a guy), come to my online chat on Sunday, August 12, at 2PM EST…I’ll be there live and in person!

Meanwhile, people: I am living in squalor. It is pathetic. Check out my kitchen, which is being remodeled.

Note the lack of appliances, such as, oh, a faucet. From which to derive life-giving water.

Now look at what was once my dining room, currently being used as a “staging area” for the new appliances which will one day go in my kitchen.

Yes, I am slowly going insane.

Slutty McSlut-A-Slut has decided she is a “job site” kitty and sluts around under everyone’s feet all day long. I, on the other hand, just try to stay out of the way. Note that we were SUPPOSED to be in Indiana while all of this was going on, but a certain cat who shall remain nameless didn’t like being kept inside at night, away from the coyotes. So here we are.

Does she appreciate the sacrifices we are making for her (namely, eating out for every single meal, including breakfast, which I have now had in my pajamas, unwashed, several times, at local area restaurants)? What do you think?

Moving on:

Oh, Britney. Making out with a stranger and neglecting your kids I’ve come to expect from you. But who wears a fedora in the pool? All the judge in the soon-to-come custody battle between you and Kevin has to do is look at this photo, and he’s going to hand the kids over to Kevin without even hearing your side of the story. Really, who wouldn’t?

Meanwhile, how much did I love Bourne Ultimatum? So much. Although I always wonder…if you are on the run from the CIA, how do you get your prescriptions from CVS? Like, if you NEED them? You obviously can’t go into the drugstore and go, “Hi, I’m Jason Bourne, I need to refill my Zomig.”

But what if you have a really bad migraine from a change in the barometric pressure (let alone being beaten about the head by an assassin? What do you do? He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog says you just go without, but frankly, I couldn’t. If that had been me, I would have just called CNN and been like, “Hi, I’d like to make an I-Report.”

And then I’d have headed to the nearest phamacy to get my meds.

Is it wrong that I kind of want to see this, too?

I mean, he brought us Lazy Sunday and that other one I can’t post here because it’s too dirty, so how bad can it be? Answer: Awesome.

See you at the chat (hopefully)!

More later.

Much love,