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So much to talk about…

…so little time!

So many things are going on I can’t even handle it. It is totally blowing my snorkle buzz.

Anyway, okay, first off, Queen of Babble in the Big City made the hardcover New York Times bestseller list, which is such a huge deal, you guys cannot even believe it. So thank you so much for that! (Uh…I should mention that’s the extended list, so you won’t actually see it in the Times. But still. It’s the LIST, dammit!)

In other New York Times news, I am told my Harry Potter op-ed piece will be in the paper THIS SUNDAY! So look for it!

The buzz about Avalon High: Coronation has been amazing! Thank you so much for THAT, too, you guys! It’s early yet, plus a holiday week, but here’s a fun, itty bitty review!

And don’t forget…Avalon High is now out in PAPERBACK!

Check it out: Les, my hairdresser, has now dyed my hair red (5.55 for anyone interested) with black low-lights and stripes:
Shut EET as my friend’s French sk8erboifriend would say. Yeah. My head is a work in a progress.

I read two excellent books this week. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at Megan McCafferty’s next Jessica Darling book, Fourth Comings, which will be out August 7, and which is riveting. I also read Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s Dangerously Alice which is good, too, though in a completely different way. I know. I am so LUCKY!

Oh, for those of you taking off next week for the Romance Writers of America national conference (I won’t be there this year), have fun, and I did want to make sure you keep in mind this tip based on something that happened to me last year: Be nice to one another. In fact…try to be princessy.

The romance community has always been incredibly supportive of me, and I am enormously grateful (as I express here in this interview). But one bad apple almost spoiled it for me when I was the keynote luncheon speaker at last year’s conference. This author, who shall be nameless here, said some not so nice things about me–which would have been fine, because everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, and she never intended for me to hear her (although I don’t know how she could have said those things since she never even MET me before, let alone read this blog, apparently).

Except that this particular woman said all those things in front of someone who happened to be a reader of mine who ran off to repeat every word she said! To me!

And guess who the reader was who tattled on her? Another author? No. A girlfriend of mine? No. It was A HOTEL INDUSTRY WORKER!

So be aware, RWA attendees: PEOPLE ARE LISTENING TO YOU TALK! Not just other writers, either, or people in publishing! Maids, waitresses, bartenders, and drivers, too. And if they happen to be readers of the work of the writer you are talking about, THEY ARE GOING TO FIND THAT WRITER, AND TELL HER WHAT YOU SAID, and also provide your name, a minute description of you, and precisely how much you tipped (I am NOT joking about that last part either. It really happened).

Fortunately, I have a good sense of humor. Also, I am not a hater. I am completely over it. I have stopped putting this author’s books under the Left Behind books in every bookstore I go into. Well, almost.

So please remember: EVERYONE can be a Queen of Babble. So please be discreet!!!!!!

In completely unrelated news, the girl who plays Kelly on The Office has a shopping blog, and it is hilarious. You can view it here.

Finally, don’t forget our Queen of Babble in the Big City and Avalon High: Coronation, Merlin Prophecy live chat right here on Sunday, July 8, at 2PM!

Phew. OK, stick a fork in me, I’m done.

More later.

Much love,