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Set Aboot Ye

Wow, a lot of people wrote after my last blog entry. I’m glad to know I’m not the only person around (and yes, the Key West cops did catch the rapist here) who feels the way I do!

Just to let you know, I do watch the news and read the paper. I am not THAT big of a wimp. I think you need to know what’s going on in the world. Otherwise, you’ll be as ill-informed as some (cough) of our world leaders.

I just prefer not to be reminded about rape during my recreational free time. In fact, when I see that there’s going to be a “very special” rape episode of any show I like, I make a “very special” appointment to miss it—because it’s usually during sweeps and I suspect I’m about to get emotionally manipulated for the sake of ratings.

In other news, here is a fun review of my July 31—tomorrow!–release, Jinx. It’s a teen review, which I often think are the most credible (except for PW Signature reviews by Molly Jong-Fast, of course)…although there have been some lovely reviews of Jinx in Publishers Weekly and other adult publications which I’ll share with you later.

Here’s another great review for Jinx, this one from Book Chic, along with an interview with some Meg Cabot book-related film-and-television-rights news I revealed exclusively to Book Chic. You’ll read it here first, folks!

Meanwhile, everyone wants to know what I thought of Harry Potter 7. Well, I can finally tell, you, since I finished it yesterday–and yes, I did buy it on its release day. It just took me this long to finish because I read in the pool or bath tub only. That book was almost 800 pages long. It was super heavy! How long could I hold it up out of the water in one sitting? Not long.

The truth was, I finally had to saw that book in half. Otherwise, I was going to make my carpals worse just from holding it up out of the water while I was floating on my raft.

Harry Potter #7, Much Easier To Read In The Pool This Way

I know I have just horrified about half my readers, but look, as a writer I believe it is the stories IN the books that matter, not the pages they are written on (yes…I dog ear, too. The hideous truth is out). That’s why I don’t mind when people come up to me at signings with copies of my books that are filthy and abused (though I’d like it if you’d buy the new book at the signing too). I treat books the same way. It shows they were loved.

Anyway, I enjoyed HP7 *EDITED LATER: I no longer need to know the thing I wrote here earlier because so many of you who saw JKR being interviewed wrote to tell me what she said. So it’s all good now. Thanks, HP fans!*

And kudos to reader Katie for her eagle eye in spotting this: Emma Watson was not afraid to use the F word and call herself a feminist. We love you, Emma!

Emma Watson, Feminist, No DUI’s yet

Finally, I have a new boyfriend in addition to Warren Buffett and Al Gore. His name is John Smeaton, and he was one of the baggage handlers at the airport in Glasgow when it was attacked by terrorists last month. John, who’d been taking a cigarette break at the time (but we’ll forgive him this one bad habit), was one of the many bystanders who sprang into action, helping police apprehend the terrorists by kicking one of the suspects into submission.

John Smeaton, photos courtesy of his fan site

He later said modestly of his contribution, “You”—referring to terrorists– “come to Glasgow, we don’t stand for it. We’ll just set aboot ye.” (some translations have him saying “set about you.” I am going by the Wall Street Journal’s quotation, but it may not be correct.)

Listen to John Smeaton in his own words on this BBC tribute (if you can understand him, you are a better person than I am). Click here for one of the many musical tributes to “Smeato” available on YouTube (although the line, Johnny Boy, we’re not beaten/They’ve got bombs, but we’ve got Smeaton does make this one superior to all the rest, and perhaps to every other song ever written).

I have been wearing my cowboy boots religiously on every flight I have taken since 9/11 because they have always seemed to me to be the ideal footwear for kicking any terrorist who might happen to be on my plane (the toes are very strong and pointy).

Meg’s Weapons of Mass Destruction (pink boots have been retired as brown goes with more)

Some people have mocked me, especially since my boots set off the metal detector every time I go through one, and so have to be removed beforehand (unlike the pathetic Crocs and flip flops I see other people wearing, which would never stop a knife or bomb-wielding terrorist if applied to his nether regions). But now I’m glad.

I’m going to go right on wearing them. Like John Smeaton says: You just never know when you might need to set aboot someone.

More later.

Much love,


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