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NY Times…and 17, Too!

Check out my piece in the NY Times! It was in the Week in Review section, right next to Maureen Dowd’s column (which is kinda funny, since she hates chick-lit. Remember the backseat game you used to play with your brothers? “Hey, Maureen? Am I bothering you? I’m not touching you.”).

I don’t REALLY think Harry Potter 7 is going to end all happy like that. I understand about “artistic vision,” and how it can make an author want to kill off beloved characters. “The Mill on the Floss” is a classic (even though I hated it). But an alternative plan that’s always worked for me is letting the good guys be rewarded for their heroics by NOT killing them. I’m just saying.

I ALSO have a humorous piece in the August issue of Seventeen! NOT about Harry Potter, but about preparing for Back to School! Yes! I have a piece in the all important BACK TO SCHOOL ISSUE OF SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE!!!! The cover looks like this so you can be sure to get the right one:

And if you click here you can read EXLUSIVE Seventeen excerpts of my July 31 release JINX as well as QUEEN OF BABBLE IN THE BIG CITY. You can also be eligible for cool prizes, take awesome polls, and all that other stuff you’ve come to love and expect from Seventeen (be sure to visit their Myspace page through mine)!

I am freaking out a little since tomorrow we will be flying to Indiana for two months with the cats. It is stressful enough having to pack and figure out how to set our house alarm (and show the people who will be working on our kitchen how to work it, so that the police do not show up while they are eating breakfast like they did for us just now).

I am not so worried about Henrietta since she has flown before….

(ahhh, the good old days. Remember the pink streak circa 2003?)
…but Slutty-McSlut-A-Lot has never even been outside of Key West, that I know of (as regular readers of this blog know, Slutty just showed up one day. We thought she was a stray, but she turned out to belong to a neighbor, who nicely gave her to us–after we had already had her microchipped. Oops).

What if Slutty hates Indiana? What if she decides to turn around and walk back like that cat in The Incredible Journey? What if the voice of Sally Field plays inside her head the whole time? He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog will freak out if anything happens to Slutty. He has never really had a pet of his own before, except that cat he and an ex-girlfriend took camping (PS No, no one ever told them not to take cats camping. And no, they never saw the cat again. I am sure a nice forest ranger adopted her).

We will have to introduce the Hoosier Heartland to Slutty slowly, and with care.

I wanted to film our airborne journey with the cats for you and post it on YouTube, but I figure it will be stressful enough—considering how much the cats hate each other, let alone how much they will hate flying–without the added tension of being on film.

So I will close by posting this Youtube link to my instructive and yet heartfelt visit to the Glockenspiel. I hope you enjoy it.

More later.

Much love,