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Happy Fourth of July!

Check it out, my hometown of Bloomington, IN is on one of my favorite shows of all time, MADE (well, okay, SuperMADE)! Turn on MTV tomorrow at eleven am (the episode will no doubt air again sometime soon only I can’t tell you when because my TiVo is gone and has been replaced by DVR which I don’t know how to use yet). Here’s a preview.

Oh, I know, it’s Fourth of July, and you have barbecues to go to. So do what I’m going to do. Tape/DVR it. (Many thanks to reader Jenny for alerting me!)

And if you want to win free Devil Dogs (it’s a chocolate delicacy) and a copy of Queen of Babble in the Big City, go here. The contest is only open until July 5, so hurry!

In other news, we took BOTH Henrietta and Gem to the vet at the same time today in preparation for their big flight next week, and neither one of them embarrassed us by releasing bodily fluids on either the vet or the vet technician, or by trying to kill one another.

It was a Fourth of July miracle. We’re starting our celebration early. Happy Fourth to you, too!

More later.

Much love,