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Cattin’ Around

My score on this quiz was super low, and my score on this quiz was super high! If only they’d been reversed.

I am totally stocking up on canned goods.

In cat-related news (am I turning into a cat person? Was I already one? If so, I’m sorry) your suggestions as to how to curtail cat-related wandering (Slutty-McSlut-A-Lot, being a mostly outdoor cat, has taken to the Great Indiana Outdoors the way a duck takes to water…although there have been some ups and downs, mainly involving high-pitched screaming at four in the morning that have forced us to lock her in the bathroom so we can get some sleep. Hey, we live in a BARN, the bathroom is the only room with WALLS) have been helpful. I was all for implementing them. HWSNBNITB however categorically refused this one:

–said it would take him a year to build this:

–and gave a big thumb’s down to this:

I especially like this one:

Slutty, however, had other ideas.

I appreciate how many of you have subscribed to my Glockenspiel YouTube video. I will try to post more. For your convenience, all my videos (so far) can be found here, including my moving tribute to the Glockenspiel. Please note no Germans were harmed in the making of the Glockenspiel video and, in fact, a German filmed and edited it…although he did point out several times that the Von Trapp family was Austrian. As I make more videos, I will add them to YouTube and to this page.

Here, by the way, is a fun review, of Avalon High, Coronation, The Merlin Prophecy, by an actual comic book review site!

Finally, if you read Portuguese, and would like a copy of the Brazilian edition of Avalon High (note: IT IS IN PORTUGUESE), I have three extras to give away! ***ALL COPIES OF THESE BOOKS HAVE FOUND HOMES. RECIPIENTS WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL ALERTING THEM THAT THEY WILL BE RECEIVING A COPY***

Have a good weekend!

More later.

Much love,


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