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I just got back from a business trip (and yes, Henrietta has not shut up once since I came home. I can’t imagine that much stuff happened while I was gone, but she seems to determined to tell me every…single…detail about it), and while I was on the plane I read some great books.

Here are a couple of them (I love summer because it’s like publishers save up all their best books and then release them all at once and WHAM! There’s so much great stuff to read):

Yes! It’s finally here! The sequel to What My Mother Doesn’t Know! What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know, by the incredible Sonya Sones, is also told as a novel in verse (which makes it a rapid read). What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know is told from the point of view of Robin, the so-called loser that Sophie, the heroine of WMMDK, begins dating at the end of the first book. But you don’t need to have read WMMDK to understand (and love) WMGDK (although of course I highly suggest it because What My Mother Doesn’t Know is a great book).

What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know is about Robin and Sophie’s romance, but it’s about a lot more than that, too. Click here to read more.

If I still had a book club, What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know would SO be a bookclub pick. BUY IT. TAKE IT TO THE BEACH. READ IT. Just don’t read it on a plane or people will look at you when you laugh out loud at it.

I always know it’s summer because that means it’s time for another of Victoria Thompson’s installments to her Sarah Brandt and Frank Malloy Gaslight Mystery series! I love these books, about a midwife and police detective who solve crimes in turn of the century New York City. This latest one is set in Chinatown (click here to read more).

If you’re not reading these books, then you have a FANTASTIC summer ahead of you, because that means you can buy all the backstock (you really should read them all in order so you know what’s going on with all the characters, especially Frank and Sarah, because there is an ongoing mystery about how Sarah’s husband died), block out a chunk of time on your calendar, lay out by the pool or lake or sea, and then read them all, including this most recent one.

You’ll find out all sorts of truly fascinating stuff about the history of the coolest city in the world, AND there’s a sweet romance going on between Frank and Sarah. Will they ever get together? You have to keep reading to find out! I love mysteries like this, that have an ongoing romance in them. I don’t know who Victoria Thompson is (or even if that’s her real name) but I wish she’d write faster. Although as I know only too well, with historicals, it’s really hard to go fast. And hers are really well-researched.

Wow, if you havent read this series yet, I sort of envy the fun summer you’re going to have, catching up to the rest of us. Lucky ducks’.

Anyway, I’m back home now and I guess that means I have to dump off all my fancy clothes at the dry cleaner’s, pull on my shorts and flip flops, and get back to work–work meaning my actual writing work, as opposed to schmoozing and publicity stuff. So I’m off to do so!

If only this cat would SHUT UP.

More later.

Much love,


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