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Lots of fun stuff to show and tell you all! So we’d better get started….

First of all, my new crush Al Gore hasn’t e’d me. I totally understand why he wouldn’t since we’re both married to other people and all. But you would think he’d have written to say SOMETHING, even if it was just, Thanks for the link to my website, Ms. Cabot. And by the way, I will tell YOU even though I haven’t told anyone else…Yes, I AM running for President.

But he hasn’t. Which just goes to show that boys are all the same, whether they’re nerds or jocks.

Oh, well. It’s not like I’ve gone off him or anything. Because of course so far he’s been right about everything. I’m just saying.

Anyway, I asked Janey to post the widget to Queen of Babble in the Big City in my blog, and guess what? She couldn’t. So it wasn’t just me. She managed to post it here though.

Moving on, they are re-issuing She Went All The Way with a snazzy new cover. What do you think?

And here’s a random page from a flashback of Ellie’s in Avalon High Coronation: The Merlin Prophecy. She’s remembering the scene on the rock when she brought Will the sword.

And here’s the actual page from the finished book (yes! I got a finished copy!), where there’s SHADING as well as dialogue (sorry this is a little cock-eyed, I still don’t have a scanner so I had to take a picture with my camera):

Isn’t it RAD? (Oh, yes, I said RAD) I cannot WAIT until July 3. And not just because the next day is the world famous 4th of July parade in Bloomington, Indiana. No, July 3 is when the first installment of Avalon High, Coronation comes out! I am so psyched about this manga. I told you we’re doing a manga sequel to JINX, right? And Jinky is doing the illustrations? Which reminds me. I still have to write it. Oy.

Speaking of Jinx…Did you all see this, the Jinx page on my site? Is that amazing or what? Regarding the inspiration for the book—totally true story! I am descended from white witches, my great great grandmother Serafina and my great grandmother Maude (I got it from two different parts of the family on my father’s side…a double whammy)! I have no female first cousins on that side of the family though, so the Tory/Jean dual part of the story is totally made up (and if I did, I’m sure we’d have SHARED our gift—if there’d actually been one).

Anyway, I finally downloaded my birthday photos from last February. Only one turned out. It’s notable that my birthday was one of the coldest days of the year (in Indiana). Also that He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog went all out, and sprang for a limo which transported us from our barn to the restaurant where we feasted on native Indiana cuisine (which, it being February, consisted of a lot of beets, if I remember correctly) with friends, not pictured here, due to it being much too cold for any living being to be outside, except, of course, the birthday girl:

Our house there is so in the woods. It’s like the Blair Witch Project. The limo driver was totally scared and drove us away as fast as possible while coyotes howled in the background (and yes, I am scared for Slutty. We will not be installing a cat door).

In other news, Jericho viewers, read this. We may see more of Mimi yet! Yay!!!!

This looks like it will be my favorite new show for Fall (so far).

And this is disgusting, yet hilarious.

Finally, I have been told by all of my friends, family members, and spouse that I have the worst taste in music of anyone any of them have ever met. I will not deny this. I have absolutely no requirements for music except that it be loud, fast, and preferably have bad words in it.

Because of this, there is everything on my playlist from techno to country (although the vast majority is pop). So what if none of my friends want to plug in my iPod when we’re sitting down to dinner? I wouldn’t want to use THEIR iPod when I’m sitting down to write. Or, God forbid, do aerobics (PS It is a little known fact that writing and aerobics are essentially the same thing).

And now, to help get you over Wednesday, also known as Hump Day, I give you this, one of my all time favorite songs to write (and do aerobics) to.

More later.

Much love,


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