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QOB Sat Tour/AH:C on Myspace

I’m back! I made it home from Miami and my Queen of Babble in the Big City media satellite tour in one piece! Everything went pretty well (I think)…I even found one of the interviews online for you to take a peek at if you want to. Just click here and you can see me on my tenth or so discussion of Queen of Babble in the Big City (out of approximately thirteen hundred…or so it seemed) that hour…

Special note: Although it looks from that interview like I am actually talking to that reporter, I never saw her until I clicked on that link. What I am actually looking at while I am talking is a smiley face that the camera man drew on a monitor and stuck in front of me. Because we were not in the same studio. I was in Miami and that reporter was somewhere miles away.

So the whole morning when I was talking to reporters, what I was actually looking at wasn’t the reporter’s face. It was a smiley face. I could just hear the reporters’ voices in my head (through an ear piece).

I would just like to mention that Shaq O’Neill had been sitting in my exact chair doing media satellite for his new show the day before. I saw pictures! He is VERY tall.

By the way, media satellite tours aren’t something every publisher does for every author for every book. They’re a nice way for an author to reach a wide television audience without having to travel very far, but they’re still expensive for the publisher…so I’m very grateful my publisher got one for me for this book!

When I got home from Miami there was a surprise for me:

Finally! My box of Queen of Babble in the Big City author copies arrived! Some of these are going to you, of course, if you enter my contest….

And Avalon High: Coronation, The Merlin Prophecy, which will be coming out NEXT WEEK…TUESDAY, to be exact—is the featured manga on the Myspace Manga page! Check it out here! (Could someone please go on there and tell Andrew, whoever he is, that YES, I DID WRITE IT MYSELF???? As my Myspace blog entry here explains, I wrote the script. Me, NOT Tokyopop or some hired writer. Geesh. I wrote this for fun and the love of comics ONLY. Honestly–and I’m not trying to be flip here–I could have made a lot more money fleshing out my idea and writing a straight narrative sequel to Avalon High. But I loved the challenge of the idea of doing it in a manga style. And I’ve seriously always wanted to write a graphic novel. Why on EARTH would I let anyone else do it for me????

I would post a reply myself except that I don’t have time. I mean, if I AM going to write my own material—and do satellite tours and all of that—something has got to give, and so far it’s been having children, learning to drive, and logging onto Myspace and Facebook. Although I do read all your comments every day!)

My author copies of Avalon High: Coronation came, too! You’ll find them on shelves (in both the manga and YA sections) as of July 3:

(We’ll have to have a contest for this book soon, as well.)

It’s going to be a cRaZy next couple of weeks! Because we’re going to be leaving for the barn house in Indiana soon. Yes, I will be flying with both the cats. That is an adventure I’m sure you’re going to want to hear all about.

I am the one who will have X’s instead of eyes by the time THAT is over, I’m sure.

Have a good weekend!

More later.

Much love,