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Contests and Crushes

So much happened this weekend! And I don’t mean at Book Expo America, which is THE major publishing industry event.

Actually, a lot of stuff happened there this weekend, but I wouldn’t know, since I wasn’t at BEA. I got a break from it this year, since I was just on a book tour. But I heard some of my books were there (well, advanced reader copies, or ARCs, of my books), and were given away for FREE!

What I’m talking about is the other stuff that went on this weekend—like that Paris Hilton checked in to jail two days early; the showdown on The Sopranos; Vince turning down that lady’s offer on Entourage (I knew he would); my undergoing the religious experience that is the movie Step Up (how could I have waited this long to see this? And how could something that should have been so wrong been so right?); the posting of TWO new Queen of Babble contests (see more below) ; and last but not least, my new geek crush.

No, I haven’t given up on Warren Buffett. I still love him.

But I also saw An Inconvenient Truth recently. And I realize now that I need to admit that I love Al Gore. I do.

Do I love him more than Channing Tatum, star of Step Up (and also the most excellent She’s The Man)? Yes. Yes, I think I do. Do I love him more than Warren Buffett? Yes. Yes, I think I do.

Al! May I call you Al? Oh, Al! Why won’t you run for President again? Because anyone who has seen this movie would vote for you in a New York minute! You are so smart—and smart = sexy, Al. It is because of you, Al, that I am trying only to drink from the water cooler in He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog’s home office (shhh—no, he doesn’t know about us. I’m not telling him, and you shouldn’t, either) instead of water in individual bottles (please don’t ask me to drink the tap water here in Key West, Al, because it tastes HORRIBLE even though we filter it. Plus my vet said it probably caused my cat’s thyroid disease).

PS Kristin Gore, I met you at the Miami Book Festival, and you were totally sweet. I hope my having a crush on your dad won’t adversely effect our friendship.

Anyway, enough about me and Al. Here’s the 411 on the Queen of Babble contests. The first one is a $1,000 shopping spree from Bluefly! Click here to find out how to sign up!

The second is to win free copies right here on Megcabot.com. So sign up now!

Only 22 more days till Queen of Babble In The Big City comes out!

Here’s another attempt at my posting one of those widgets that counts down the days, following the Get This Widget instructions for blogs from the widget homepage…

Oh, well. I bet Al could figure it out. He knows EVERYTHING. And I do mean EVERYTHING.

More later.

Much love,


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