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Big Boned Sneak Peek

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover and synopsis of the third (and final) installment of my Heather Wells mystery series, due out this November!

You’re not fat
Though you could get toned.
But it’s not your fault—
You’re just big boned.

“Big Boned”
Written by Heather Wells

(Yes. That is Heather in the wedding dress!)

From the back cover:
Heather Wells should be happy. She’s finally got a boyfriend—and, okay, he was just supposed to be her “rebound guy.” But things have gotten serious fast: Tad’s got a question he wants to ask her…one Heather’s not so sure she knows the answer to just yet….

But it’s not just on the romance front that things are looking up for Heather: she’s actually passing remedial math, her first college course, and better yet, her dad’s put together a project with an old friend that’s getting him out of her house and off Cooper’s payroll for good…unfortunately, Heather making a musical comeback to the recording studio–and the rockstar world she deliberately left–may be integral to the scheme.

Still, things at Heather’s job as assistant director of a New York College dorm are starting to improve. True, the graduate student workers on campus have decided to unionize, leading to a major dustup with the president’s office.

And, okay, Heather’s on her third boss in a single year. But this new one—especially appointed by the Housing Department to improve Fischer Hall’s image as the campus Death Dorm—at least seems to know what he’s doing. Of course, Dr. Veatch may be the most boring man on the face of the planet—

–but that doesn’t seem reason enough to put a bullet through his head.

Now the president of the student union—and the love of Heather’s grad assistant Sarah’s life–is the NYPD’s main suspect, and Heather can’t help wondering if she really knew her boring boss as well as she thought she did—especially when a pretty blue-eyed Fischer Hall resident who has Heather’s big-boned build claims she knows who his real murderer is—

Can Heather clear Sarah’s would-be boyfriend’s name; find her boss’s real murderer; end the grad students’ strike; figure out if her dad’s new “project” is really the answer to her career prayers; answer Tad’s “question”; and get her landlord Cooper to realize that by letting her go, he’s making the biggest mistake of his life, all while maintaining a fifteen hundred calorie per day diet…oh, and keeping from getting killed, as well?

Probably not.

But no one’s going to keep her from trying.

Yeah so…that’s Big Boned! It’s the last book in the series because I can’t think of any more at the moment.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be doing anymore books for adult readers, I just don’t have any more contracted (except Queen of Babble Gets Hitched, which I’m working on now). I’m messing around with an idea for a new series—I can’t really tell you what it’s about, because a) I haven’t written it yet, and b) I haven’t sold it yet, and c) it’s a big departure from all my other adult books. It’s not historical, it’s not chick-lit, it’s not a mystery, it’s not straight romance, it’s not an email book, and it doesn’t have vampires in it, either.

What’s left? you’re saying. Yeah, that’s a good question. And that’s why I want to take my time writing it, and finding out.

Plus I am super mega busy at the moment with all the stuff I currently have going on, i.e. promoting the books that are currently coming out; writing QOB3 and the new Scholastic titles, as well as PD10; trying to get my husband to not leave his shoes in the center of our bedroom where I trip over them on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night; taking care of two insane cats; enjoying life; etc.

So more adult stuff will come, just a little less quickly, because I am 486 months old now (so many of my friends have babies now that I have decided to start giving my age in months instead of years because that’s what new moms all do with their babies. It’s very confusing to those of us who are bad at math, but also, I’ve realized, a great way to keep people from figuring out how old I really am. I mean, if they’re not so good at Google and they don’t have a calculator handy), and I need to take things a little more slowly. Unlike Janet Jackson who is the same age as me. But she is more concerned about her abs than I am, apparently.

Finally, you can totally tell from this clip that the people at All My Children completely regret not going with my Mole People Who Live Beneath Pine Valley story line. Too late. I’ve moved on.

But Mole People Who Live Beneath Pine Valley, The Musical? We might still be able to work something out.

Have a great weekend!

More later.

Much love,


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