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You Can Make a Difference!

Diagnosis…negative. It’s not sinusitis. It’s just allergies.

But I do have mild acid reflux! Thanks for all your well wishes and home remedies. I will try them. I’m laying off the taquitos for a while (and maybe I’ll give writing in an upright–as opposed to reclining–position a try).

Hey…what do you think of the new blog background color? I think reading white letters on black background was contributing to my migraines. Hope you like the new look.

In the meantime, check out another little something new we’ve been working on for all of you! Our Make A Difference page (located under Cool Stuff for future reference).

You may not know this, but I used to be a Girl Scout. Worse, I was a Girl Scout whose mom was the troop leader. So I learned a thing or two about cleaning up a campsite (Always Leave It Cleaner Than You Found It).

I’ll admit, I’ve become a little obsessive. Now I’m all about leaving the Earth a cleaner place than I found it.

And I know how much you guys care about your communities (and the world). So I thought it would be cool to highlight some of the stuff YOU’ve been doing along that line.

So each month here at megcabot.com, we’re going to pick one of you (so long as some of you enter! PLEASE PLEASE ENTER) to showcase what YOU’ve been doing in your school or community to help leave the planet a better place than you found it.

This month, we’ve got Caroline, who led a sneaker drive for Global Camps to raise HIV awareness. Go, Caroline!

So who wants to be next month’s Activist of the Month? Email me at activist@megcabot.com, and include the name and description of your charity, why it means so much to you, and what you’ve been doing to help out (a photo of yourself doing your volunteer work would rock. If you’re under 18 and I choose your profile, I’ll need a signed waiver from the ‘rents, which we’ll email you if you’re picked).

Come on, what have you got to lose? Maybe YOU’ll be next month’s Activist of the Month at megcabot.com!

Meanwhile, look what I found…is this cool, or what?

You can get one, too! And maybe you can actually figure out how make it appear on your blog! Because I can’t! Maybe it’s the allergy meds!

Anyway, I wouldn’t exactly call Katie Ellison, the heroine of Pants on Fire, an activist. At least, not at the beginning of the book. By the end, though?

Well, I’m not telling…you’ll find out May 1.

Oh, as for what I’ve suddenly become so allergic to…you can read all about it right here.

Needless to say, I will be on Zyrtec for the rest of my life. Or at least Henrietta’s life.

More later.

Much love,