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Shirtless Wizards/Prom Nights Excerpt

Another actual conversation:

“So have you caught up with everything you TiVoed while you were away?”

“Ha. Like what? You mean eleven billion episodes of 24, the world’s most boring show? Yeah. Nothing else new was on, thanks to American I Told You So Idol.”

“That’s not true. Something else new was on.”

“Nothing else new that I TiVo. Well, okay, House. But I watched that already. Ditto Jericho and Bones. And Tori and Dean: Inn Love. And I got back in time for Sopranos and Entourage. By the way, did I tell you I saw Mark Wahlberg in a bar in Paris…WITH HIS ENTOURAGE?”

“Yes, you told me that already. By the way, I can’t believe you hate Valerie Bertinelli.”

“Oh my God, that was so obviously a JOKE. Who could hate Valerie Bertinelli?”

“Whatever. Isn’t there something else you TiVo? Something you didn’t mention. Something on Sci-Fi channel?”

“I already told you, I’m so behind on Battlestar Gallactica I have to wait until I’ve watched Season 2 on DVD to catch up….”

“Right…but don’t you TiVo Dresden Files?”

“Gasp! Wait–You…you watch it, too? I thought I was the only one in the world who watches it. I mentioned that I watched it to someone else the other day, and when she asked what it was about, and I said a modern day wizard detective named Harry who uses a drumstick as a wand, she asked if the drumstick was from KFC–”

“You should tell your friend the show is a based on a series of bestselling, critically acclaimed books. Then send her THIS…”

“Wow. Excellent Googling.”

“Thank you. I know how much you enjoy seeing wizards shirtless. Consider it a welcome home gift. Hey, wait…didn’t you have a book or something come out this week?”

“An anthology. Thanks, yeah, I did. Prom Nights From Hell. There are tons of shirtless guys in it. Some of them might even be wizards. Oh, and here’s another sneak peek of my story in it, this time of Chapter Three:”

The Exterminator’s Daughter


I can’t believe this. I mean, that I’m standing in the alley next to Swig, talking to Adam Blum, who sits behind me in Mrs. Gregory’s fourth period U.S. History. Not to mention Teddy Hancock, Adam’s best friend.

And Lila’s ex.

Whom Lila is currently steadfastly ignoring.

I’ve taken the ash-tipped arrow from the stock and slipped it back into my case. There will be, I know now, no extermination tonight.

Although I suppose I should be grateful I wasn’t the one who got snuffed out. If it hadn’t been for Adam I wouldn’t be standing here right now, trying to explain to him something that’s—well, frankly inexplicable.

“Seriously, Mary.” Adam is regarding me with somber brown eyes. Funny that I’ve never noticed how good-looking he is before now. Oh, he’s no Sebastian Drake. Adam’s hair is as dark as mine and his irises, like I mentioned, are dark as syrup, not blue as the sea.

But he does fairly well for himself with his broad-shouldered swimmer’s physique—he’s led St. Eligius Prep to the regional finals in the butterfly two years in a row—and six-foot frame (so tall that I practically have to crane my neck to see up into his face, my own height being a sadly disappointing—to me, anyway—five feet). He’s a more than middling student and popular, too, if you count all the freshman girls who swoon every time he passes them in the hallway (not that he seems to notice).

There’s nothing inattentive about the way he’s staring at me now, though.

“What’s the deal?” he wants to know, one of his thick dark eyebrows lifted with suspicion as he eyes me. “I know why Ted hates Drake. He stole his girl. But what’s your beef with him?”

“It’s personal,” I say to him. God, this is so unprofessional. Mom will kill me when she finds out.

If she ever finds out.

On the other hand…well, Adam probably did just save my life. Even if he doesn’t know it. Drake would have eviscerated me—right there in front of everyone—without thinking twice about it.

Unless he decided to play with me first. Which, knowing his father, is exactly what he would have done.

I owe Adam. Big time.

But I’m not about to let him know it.

“How’d you even get in there?” Adam wants to know. “Don’t tell me you made it through the metal detector with that thing.”

“Of course I didn’t,” I say. Seriously, boys are so silly sometimes. “I got in through the skylight.”

“On the roof?”

“That is generally where they keep skylights,” I point out to him.

“You’re so immature,” Lila is saying, to Ted. Her voice is soft and breathy, even if what she’s saying isn’t. She can’t help it, though. She’s just caught in Drake’s spell. “What on earth were you hoping to accomplish back there?”

“You’ve barely known this guy a day, Lila.” Ted’s got his hands shoved deep in his pockets. He looks ashamed of himself…but defiant at the same time. “I mean, I could’ve gotten you into Swig if that’s where you wanted to go. Why didn’t you tell me? You know about my uncle Vinnie.”

“It’s not about what clubs Sebastian can get me into, Ted,” Lila is saying. “It’s about…well, just him. He’s…perfect.”

I have to swallow hard to keep down the vomit that’s risen into my throat.

“Nobody’s perfect, Li,” Ted says, before I have a chance to.

“Sebastian is,” Lila enthuses, her dark eyes glittering in the light from the single bulb illuminating the club’s emergency side door. “He’s so beautiful…and intelligent…and worldly…and gentle–”

That’s it. I’ve heard more than I can take.

“Lila,” I snap. “Shut up. Ted’s right. You don’t even know the guy. Because if you did, you’d never call him gentle.”

“But he is,” Lila insists, the glitter in her eyes fading to a warm glow. “You don’t even know–”

A second later—I don’t even know how it happens—I have her by the shoulders, and I’m shaking her. She’s six inches taller than me, and outweighs me by a good forty pounds.

But that doesn’t matter. In that moment, all I want to do is knock some sense in to her.

“He told you, didn’t he?” I hear myself yell at her, hoarsely. “He told you what he is. Oh, Lila. You idiot. You stupid, stupid girl.”

“Whoa.” Adam is trying to pry my hands off Lila’s bare shoulders. “Hey, now. Let’s all calm down–”

But Lila wrenches herself out of my grasp, and whirls on us with a triumphant expression.

“Yes,” she cries, with that exultant throb in her voice I recognize only too well. “He told me. And he warned me about people like you, Mary. People who don’t understand—can’t understand—that he comes from a line as ancient and as noble as any king’s–”

“Oh my God.” I’m itching to slap her. The only reason I don’t is because Adam reaches out and grabs me by the arm—almost as if he’d read my mind. “Lila. You knew? And you went out with him anyway?”

“Of course I did,” Lila says, with a sniff. “Unlike you, Mary, I have an open mind. I’m not prejudiced against his kind, the way you are–”

“His kind? His kind?” If it weren’t for Adam holding me back—and murmuring, Hey, take it easy—I’d have thrown myself at her, and attempted to beat some sense into her vapid blond head. “And did he happen to mention how his kind survives? What they eat—or should I say drink—to live?”

Lila looks contemptuous. “Yes,” she says. “He did. And I think you’re making way too big a deal out of it. He only drinks blood he buys from a plasma center. He doesn’t kill–”

“Oh, Lila!” I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Well, I mean, I can, considering that it’s Lila. Still, I would have thought that even she wouldn’t be naive enough to fall for that one. “That’s what they all say. They’ve been feeding that line to girls for centuries. I don’t kill humans. It’s total B.S..”

“Hold on.” Adam’s grip on my arm has gotten quite a bit looser. Unfortunately, now that I’m at liberty to do so, I don’t feel like smacking Lila anymore. I’m too disgusted. “What’s going on here?” Adam wants to know. “Who drinks blood? Are you talking about—Drake?”

“Yes, we’re talking about Drake,” I say, tersely.

Adam stares down at me in disbelief, while beside him, his friend Ted whistles.

“Man,” Ted says. “I knew there was something I didn’t like about that guy.”

“Stop it!” Lila cries. “All of you! Listen to yourselves! Do you have any idea how bigoted you sound? Yes, Sebastian is a vampire—but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the right to exist!”

“Uh,” I say. “Considering that he’s a walking abomination on mankind and has been feeding on innocent girls like you for centuries, actually, he doesn’t have the right to exist.”

“Wait a minute.” Adam is still looking incredulous. “A vampire? Come on. That’s impossible. There’s no such thing as vampires.”

“Oh!” Lila whirls towards him and stamps a foot. “You’re even worse than they are!”

“Lila,” I say, ignoring Adam. “You can’t see him again.”

“He didn’t do anything wrong,” Lila insists. “He hasn’t even bitten me–even though I’ve asked him to. He says it’s because he loves me too much.”

“Oh my God,” I say, in disgust. “That’s just another line he’s feeding you, Lila. Don’t you see? They all say that. And he doesn’t love you. Or at least, he doesn’t love you anymore than a tick loves the dog it’s feeding off of.”

I love you,” Ted says, his voice cracking on the word I. “And you dumped me for a vampire?”

“You don’t understand.” Lila tosses back her long blond hair. “He’s not a tick, Mary. Sebastian loves me too much to bite me. But I know I can change his mind. Because he wants to be with me forever, as much as I want to be with him forever. I know it. And after tomorrow night, we will be together forever.”

“What’s tomorrow night?” Adam wants to know.

“The prom,” I say, woodenly.

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