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Sam ‘n Katie

Greetings from the plastic bubble in which I am now living.

Ha! Totally kidding. The cats and I are getting along fine. I love my new allergy meds.

They make me have cRaZy dreams, though. Like, I dreamt Tony Soprano and I were on a Delta shuttle flight with all these high school kids, but the high school kids were dressed in giant Barney and Pez and Peep costumes, and Tony wanted to cap them because they wouldn’t take their foam heads off, which he thought was discourteous to the flight attendant who was trying to do her safety presentation, and I was like, “No, Tony, don’t kill them, they’re just kids!”

I finally talked him out of killing them, but it wasn’t easy.

And then the next night I had an even worse dream that a stuffed alligator was biting my foot and wouldn’t let go and I had to get to the airport to pick up my new stepmom, Loni Anderson (in my dream, I guess I had my driver’s license).

And that’s at only HALF the dose I’m supposed to be taking. Who knows what’s going to happen when I kick it up to the full dose?

Anyway, so I FINALLY have some news about that short story featuring Samantha Madison (from my book, All American Girl) that I wrote so many years ago for the White House Project. The book was actually put on hold until the 2008 election…so that’s when it will be out, in a collection that will also include pieces by Jimmy Carter (!!!!!), Susan Cooper (!!!!!!!), Kate DiCamillo (!!!!!!), Charles Dickens (????), Jerry Spinelli (!!!!!), and many many others!!!!!

The bad news is, if you are thinking my piece (which will be all of 6 pages, I just found out, so I have some cutting to do) will have a hot love scene between Samantha and David in it, you are sadly mistaken. This is going into a book that celebrates the WHITE HOUSE, people. George H.W. Bush is also contributing to it, if that gives you any indication of the level of steaminess of the contents (I will admit, I didn’t know, so even more cutting is in store).

I know a lot of you have been asking if there’ll ever be another full length novel about Sam Madison, and the answer is…not at the current time. I really feel good about where we left Sam and David at the end of READY OR NOT (which will be out in paperback May 1, by the way), and you know that to hatch a new story about them, I’d have to come up with a CONFLICT, and CONFLICT usually means BREAK UP, and is that really what you want for those two?

Because I don’t.

HOWEVER: I do think if you like Sam, you’re going to love Katie Ellison, the heroine of PANTS ON FIRE (which is called TOMMY SULLIVAN IS A FREAK in the UK and Australia).

PANTS ON FIRE, incidentally, is ALSO out May 1 (so will TOMMY SULLIVAN IS A FREAK. In Australia only though. It won’t be out for a while more in the UK)!!!

It’s true that unlike Sam, Katie is actually—perish the thought—in the POPULAR crowd.

But like Sam, Katie is smart, sarcastic, and totally disgusted by what she sees going on in her school…and in her community.

And like Sam, she wants to do something about it…if she can just get up the guts.

And really, that’s what PANTS ON FIRE is about. Yes, Katie likes making out with her multiple boyfriends…and yes, she’s a bit of a liar.

But MOSTLY, she wants to do something about the Quahogs (her school’s football team), who are basically allowed to run rampant around town, doing whatever they want, and—in Katie’s mind, anyway–have to be stopped.

But does she have the guts to stand up to them?

You’ll have to wait until May 1 to see!

But since May 1 is TOMORROW, that’s really not that long to wait…and I heard the book is already out in a lot of bookstores.

I don’t know. I just think people who like Sam should give Katie a try. I don’t think we need to be messing up Sam’s happily ever after with a sequel.

And I think Katie is a pretty rockin’ chick.

And now for your entertainment, click here, and watch episodes 1-5 of The Maria Bamford Show (they’re very short). Warning: Do not watch these in public. You might laugh till you cry. And that would be embarrassing.

More later.

Much love,