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Books (Mine!) ‘n Art (Yours!)

I hope you’ve all seen the beautiful new flash images at the top of Megcabot.com, letting everyone know about (most of) my Spring/Summer releases! Big thanks to Janey and her hard-working team….

And I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that the anthology I’ve got a novella appearing in along with Michele Jaffe, Kim Harrison, Stephanie Meyer, and Lauren Myracle, PROM NIGHTS FROM HELL, did not hit US stores on April 1, like I thought it was going to. I got MY copies April 1, but the rest of the world (ie, bookstores) don’t get theirs until April 10.

So, sorry, my mistake. I sometimes get the day I’m getting my copies and the day the bookstores are getting theirs confused. Dates are not really my thing. Sort of like liquid eyeliner. And Algebra. And driving.

But hey, while you’re waiting, you can take the PROM NIGHTS FROM HELL quiz, which the book’s co-author Michele Jaffe and I came up with.

Come on…you know you want to. You might be surprised to learn what kind of prom date you’re truly compatible with….

And, to keep things balanced, while one book is coming out later than I thought, another is actually coming out EARLIER than expected! The release date for my teen paranormal, JINX, originally slated to be out in September ’07, has actually been moved FORWARD, to July 31, 2007. So JINX will now be a Summer ’07 release instead of a Fall ’07 release.

I even have a US cover for JINX…but I’m not allowed to show it to you, because the Meg-A-Readers get first peek at it (and an excerpt). Sorry! But as soon as they’ve seen it, I’ll post a copy here ….

Meanwhile, I have some new releases in the UK, Missing You


How To Be Popular (which you can win free goodies for—and see a TV commercial of–tomorrow night on Nickelodeon UK! So tune in!)

And speaking of my UK releases…check out the newly updated International Page. You can see sites from other publishers (this site is run by me, but I have publisher-run sites all over the world) and check out my foreign book covers (Janey and her team are working at getting a good selection of the book covers up, but with over 37 countries to contend with, and over 40 books each, that’s a lot of covers, so we’re not going to be able to put them ALL up).

I’m trying to keep up with all the news that’s come up since I was gone, but there’s a lot, and I’m still pretty jet-lagged, so I’ll just post here and there as it comes to me, OK? Several things I do recall…the New York Public Library has announced its Books for the Teen Age list for 2007, and TWO of my titles are on it, including Avalon High and How to Be Popular. Yay!

Not only that, but Princess Diaries #7: Party Princess made the Kansas Reading Circle list for 2007. This list is compiled by the Kansas National Education Association, and is distributed to librarians and teachers throughout the state. So wahoo, Kansas!

Lastly, I was just informed that Size 14 is Not Fat has won the Toby Bromberg Award for Most Humorous Mystery. Toby was Romantic Times Book Reviews Magazine’s long-time Mystery reviewer who passed away in 2001 from breast cancer. To honor her memory and to celebrate her enthusiasm and love for the authors and the mystery genre, the magazine created an annual award to be given in her name (Toby especially loved humor in her mysteries). The entire mystery books staff decides which book deserves the award every year.

This year I’ll be the fourth recipient of The Toby Bromberg Award for Most Humorous Mystery Novel. I still have a hard time believing people even read my books, let alone give me awards for them, so I feel truly grateful for (and definitely not worthy of) this. Like my kickass creative writing teacher, Judy Troy, once told me, it’s way harder to make readers laugh than it is to make them cry, and to get an award saying I’ve accomplished that makes all the rejections and dumb stuff totally worth it. So thank you RT (and especially Toby).

Finally, I wanted to post a few pictures of some of the souvenirs I most treasure from my trip (and yes, I know, I need a scanner, but I haven’t decided which one to buy yet so we just have to settle for doing things the old-fashioned way until then, ok?):

Art work from people I met at my signings!

Here’s a cute sketch of Mia and Louie from Marta and Ola

And a lovely pic of Princess Mia from Gaia

And here’s a Princess Dancer from four year old Adele, sister to a young reporter who interviewed me in Lille

And here’s a bookmark from Isabella (OK, this one came in the mail, but come on, how cool is it?)

You guys rule! Keep sending (and giving) me the cool art, and I’ll keep posting it…maybe I’ll even make a decision and get that scanner!

And now it’s off to nap some more…one of these days I may even get rid of this jet lag and stop waking up at five in the morning thinking I have to get up to go to the Salon du Livre, pictured below….

Uh…yeah. That line back there is for me. Fortunately from where I was sitting, I couldn’t see it, or I would have freaked out.

“Comment tu t’appelle?” the only French I remember from high school (sorry, Mademoiselle Knowling), besides, “Ou sont les toilettes?” Both proved essential for French children’s book signings.

More later.

Much love,