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Greetings from Poland, where I am currently on the first part of my three country European book tour!

So far, it couldn’t be going better, from the moment I stepped through customs at the Warsaw airport to be greeted by paparazzi, as well as many readers seeking autographs–check out the photographic proof:

Note my befuddled expression. I’m like… “Wait. WHO are you here to see? Are you sure you guys aren’t mistaking me for someone else?”


Oh, and the people are REALLY REALLY NICE, and the food is GREAT—and it’s totally gorgeous! Note this giant square they rebuilt after the Germans and Russians bombed it during the war:

Yeah. All those buildings that look really old? Totally rebuilt from scratch in the fifties. Cool, huh? (What you can’t see in the picture? Hot skateboarders.)

Tomorrow I am going from Warsaw to Krakow where the buildings WEREN’T bombed and so ARE really are hundreds of years old. I’ll get some good photos for you then. I’ll be at a book signing at MATRAS BOOKSTORE, Rynek Główny 23, Krakow. If you are nearby, please stop by!

Today I did a press junket all day at the hotel, and was on a bunch of TV shows, including Polish MTV and VH1. So look out for this, Polish teens! We had a little problem filming one or two of my segments though, because some of us could not stop laughing long enough to do the interview (we finally managed, though). Everyone here speaks English beautifully. AND they have Nutella (giant buckets of it down at my hotel breakfast buffet. If I fit into my jeans by the end of this tour I will be totally surprised. We have Nutella in the US, of course, but it is hard to find…and it’s not like I keep it in my house, because of the aforementioned problem of not being able to stop eating it).

Plus Poland has smoking AND non-smoking sections EVERYWHERE (I found out the scoop about Germany and the smoking thing: According to my source, starting April 1, Germany will have non-smoking sections in all restaurants. Maybe I will have better luck in Berlin, Munich, and Leipzig next week than I did in Koln! Because, while Nutella doesn’t give me migraines, cigarette smoke really, really does….)

Anyway, seriously, if you are planning a trip to Europe, COME TO POLAND. The President and the Prime Minister of Poland are TWIN BROTHERS!!! And when they were children, they starred in a famous movie together.


I would recommend coming here soon, though, while my picture is still up on many of the bookstores, like this one, for my signing at Traffic here in Warsaw on Saturday:

But if you can’t make it by then, hey, better late than never. Just come to Poland. You won’t regret it.

BUCKETS OF NUTELLA. Need I say more?

More later.

Much love,