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Marvelous Munich!

Guten Tag again! I am winging my way back to Germany after a fantastic trip to Poland. The signing in Krakow was amazing. Here’s a photo of the very well-respected Matras Bookshop before the signing:

Here’s a photo DURING the signing…

…taken by He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog, before fleeing for his life. Poor Matras!

Actually HWSNBNITB is 1/4 Polish, so he went looking for his ancestors…but got distracted by this:

Before the signing, we had time for a leisurely lunch in a fabulous restaurant (there must only be fabulous restaurants in Poland because I had nothing but great food). We also had a chance for a visit to this historic site…a dragon at a castle that spits real fire (and will do so on command via text message)! To an American, who knows a lawsuit waiting to happen, this was very exciting (sadly we could not time our photo to coincide with the actual flames, which were copious).

Tired from signing hundreds of books, I collapsed in my real European train back to Warsaw, where the next morning I got to do it all over again at Traffic. That signing was filmed for television (link and photos—and a special bog surprise–coming later).

We were wined and dined nearly to death by my publisher in Poland! I swear, Nutella is nothing to the excellent pierogies and herring-in-sour-cream (not to mention fantastic French cooking!) we had while we were there. Many thanks to Edyta, my translator, and to all the fine people at Amber Publishing, who have really raised the bar for my other publishers while I’m here on tour in Europe. Not that it is a contest. Really.

I am writing this from the air on my way to Munich, on a flight I’m sharing with about 60 French students on a school trip…which is good, since I can practice my French for next week. Arrêtez de le lancer ce chapeau!

Thank you very much Poland…I will miss you!

And to the rest of you, see you, hopefully, in Munich (actually we just got to the hotel and so far Munich is amazing! This place is awesome)!

If you are in Munich on Sunday, March 18, please stop by the Munich Book Fair to see me between 3:00 and 5:00PM…

More later.

Much love,