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Lovely Leipzig

It snowed very hard in Berlin last night, but no matter how hard I tried, I
couldn’t get a good picture of the huge fluffy white flakes outside my hotel
window, or rooftops and streets below covered in the new snow. Maybe I
need a new camera. Or to take a photography course.

Probably both.

I have also failed to secure a new coat. It wasn’t that I didn’t have time, or
couldn’t find one I liked. It’s just that if I buy a new coat, I’m admitting
Spring isn’t here.

You would think the snow would be a pretty strong sign of this…but I refuse to admit defeat! Spring is right around the corner. I’m not buying a new coat. I’m NOT. Even though I’m freezing.

I’m writing this on the train to Leipzig, where…it’s snowing. Hard. We’re passing tiny—I know of no other way to put this–villages and hamlets that are covered in snow, and all around me, other authors are talking about their tours.

You know what would be SO COOL???? If we went through a tunnel in a mountain and the lights went out and when we came out on the other side one of the people on the train (not me hopefully) was found with a knife in his back, and the train stalled in the snow, and we had to solve the murder.

Doesn’t that sound like a good book (and sort of familiar)?

Anyway, I got to meet many great readers in Berlin, particularly Stephie, my #1 Berlin fan, and of course the fantastic translator of my German books, Caterina, who in a way is my German doppleganger, being a dark-haired fire horse who had a professor dad who also died in 1994, like mine (except Caterina is much prettier and more stylish than me).

Anyway, this afternoon, I’ll be at the Leipzig Bookfair, and tomorrow, the
book fair as well as Bookshop Lehmann’s! Hopefully I’ll see you

Then it’s on to Paris, where I hear it will also be snowing. But I still
won’t be buying a new coat.

Because it’s Spring, dammit. Even though you can’t tell from looking out
the window of my Leipzig hotel room, as there is currently a white out

3:30 to 4:30 PM:
Leipzig Bookfair Event, Planet Book

2:00 to 3:00 PM:
Signing at Bookshop Lehmann’s
Grimmaische Str. 10
04109 Leipzig

4:30 to 5:30 PM:
Leipzig Bookfair Event, Planet Book

More later.

Much love,


PS It’s confirmed…Leipzig IS lovely! This photo taken the next day….