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Link ‘n Cover

You read that right: time for some links…and a cover!

First off, some links. I, Meg Cabot, comb the Internet looking for links for YOUR amusement so you can spend your free time doing what right minded people like you SHOULD be doing—reading banned books–instead of wasting your time looking at bad links. So, without further ado, here you go:

Ever wonder what soccer moms do in their cars while driving their kids around all day? Well, click here and you’ll know (warning: some slightly adult content. Hey, she’s a got a teenage stepdaughter).

Next: Sick of hearing what it’s like to BE a writer, and ready to find out how to BECOME one already? Search no further: Author Maureen Johnson has the answer to that question right here–in ten easy steps, no less. Be sure to check the comments. And add some of your own (if you dare).

Meanwhile, author Jennifer Weiner has some thoughts on the mysterious power Girl Scout cookies hold over all of us (I would just like to say that personally, I’d have bought the Thin Mints).

She also comments on the Delta Zeta uproar. If you read the article, you will see that some Indiana University sorority girls play an integral role in the scandal. As an IU grad, I can tell you that the sorority girls there scared the bejeebers out of me for the bizarre behavior we used to observe nightly from our dorm windows (there was a sorority directly across the street from my dorm room freshman year)–like the “weigh-ins” and the chaining of perfectly innocent-looking boys to the sign outside their building. And that’s just for starters. Girlish hijinks? Or devil worshiping Satanic cult? YOU decide.

On an unrelated note, have I mentioned lately how much I love sloths?

Moving on–I’ve finally got a cover (and cover copy) for JINX, my September ’07 teen paranormal release!

This is the UK cover of the book (the US version was not available at press time):

–Does Jinx have bad luck–or special powers?–

Misfortune has followed Jean Honeychurch all her life–which is how she earned the nickname Jinx. And now her parents have shipped her off to New York to stay with relatives–including her sophisticated cousin Tory–until the trouble she’s caused back home dies down.

–Could she even be . . . a WITCH?–

Tory is far too cool to bother with Jinx — until Jinx’s chronic bad luck wreaks havoc in Tory’s perfect life. Only then does Jinx discover that beneath Tory’s big-city glamour lies a world of hatred and revenge. Now it seems that the jinx that’s driven Jean crazy may just be the only thing that can save her life . . .

–A chilling, thrilling new novel from the bestselling author of THE MEDIATOR, in US (and UK) stores September ’07–

Finally, one last link for the weekend: Things are heating up for Chad Vader (Darth’s cousin) in Episode 6—will he return to Empire Market? Watch for yourself and see.

More later.

Much love,