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Guten tag!

Greetings from Germany! I’m writing this from beautiful Cologne, Germany, or Koln as they spell it here. I am in a hotel across from the big cathedral, where the bells go off about every five minutes or so, particular at night right as you’re about to go to sleep, which is refreshing, because who doesn’t want to be reminded about the exaltedness of the Lord just as you’re dozing off after a long day at the brewhouse?


We had a very exciting journey here, with many things you’d never expect, such as babies that cried non-stop for eight hours (seriously…who knew they could do that?), and no one—and I do mean no one—working the customs booth in Dusseldorf. We just strolled right on into Germany, even though I am a known Person of Interest, due to all the decongestants I am carrying on my person.

SCORE! And welcome to Germany!

Actually the minute I landed in Europe my sinuses cleared right up, possibly due to the massive doses of steroids and antibiotics I’ve been on.

But I suspect it’s mostly because of the Nutella I have for breakfast on brochen (hard rolls) every morning. Nutella is considered a hazel nut spread, and like peanut butter is very high in protein, and therefore I have decided that although it contains cocoa, it does not give me migraines. It is a favorite of Giada di Laurentis on Food Network. Nutella is an important part of the breakfast buffet here in Germany, and I do my best to consume as much of it as possible, for health reasons, of course.

HWSNBNITB prefers the eggs, which, as you can see, are very different than the eggs back in the US, being a completely different color yolk. Check it out:

Orange Eggs!

The eggs aren’t the only thing different in Europe. In many of the restaurants in Koln, for instance, if you ask for the non-smoking section, they look at you blankly, because there simply isn’t such a thing. Because everyone here seems to smoke. As near as I can figure out, if you don’t smoke here, you’re an American.

This morning at breakfast at our hotel, for instance, every single person in our restaurant was smoking except for HWSNBNITB and myself. And the waitress. The man beside us was smoking a pipe. IN A RESTAURANT. I wanted to ask him if he was Heidi’s grandfather, but HWSNBITB wouldn’t let me.

And yes, as you might expect, all of the channels on the TV are in German. The main difference between US and German TV, besides the language, is that the hostesses on German gameshows wear less clothing than, say, those Deal or No Deal briefcase girls.

Good thing I brought Seasons One and Two of The Office, AND the latest Masterpiece Theater version of Jane Eyre on DVD (HWSNBNITB doesn’t know about this one yet…it’s a surprise. Although I imagine he’d have preferred it if I’d somehow managed to bring the college basketball Final Four championship on satellite. Poor HWSNBNITB)!

Next stop—Poland!

It is my fervent hope they have Nutella there.

More later.

Much love,